Chapter 31

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"Von you ready yet?" Kayla walked into my room with out knocking.

"For what" I diverted my eyes from my phone to her.

"Remember you said you were gonna drive me to mall to get some stuff for my birthday party coming up" she stood infront of my bed with her hand on her hip.

"What? yo sugar daddy didn't supply you with enough money" I kissed my teeth.

She always wanna spend my money.

"We pending at the moment but I'ma need a quick favour from you. Lemme spend couple nights here cuz my sugar daddy kicked me out and I ain't got not place to stay."

"I done too much for you already figure yo shit out on your own"

"C'mon baby watchu mean?" she said seductively and started climbing on my lap.

"Nah get the f*ck off me" I irritatingly pushed her off with my hand.

"Aight wtf up witchu you Von cuz you never turn down sex" she mugged me.

I just don't want from you no more

"I'm straight"  I replied.

"Turn ya head to the side a lil bit" she moved my head with her fingers.

"Get yo mf hands off me" I slapped her hands away.

"Is that a hickey on your neck. So now you smashing other b*tches is that what you doing?" she scoffed and shoved me hard back into the bed making me almost drop my phone in my face.

If I hit her back I would in the wrong cause I'm  a guy.

"Tf is yo problem b*tch" I growled and grabbed her neck and she smirked.

"We ain't dating which means I can smash anyone I want, aii? You always seem to start shit for no reason and I don't have the patience to deal with you today."

"Ever since that bitch Aniyah interrupted us smashing the other you been acting real funny" she laughed and I tightened my grip around her neck.

"Call her a bitch one more time I dare you" I looked her dead in the eyes.

"You finna kill me over some bitch that don't even care about you" Kayla dry laughed and I tightened my grip rven more on her that she started using her two hands to pry my one hand from around her neck.

"Shut the f*ck up bitch! After all the shit she done for you and you up here disrespecting her like that"

"I said what I said. It's the truth" she choked out.

"Aye!" Sean rushed into the room and I let go of Kayla's neck instantly.

She was bent over with one hand on her knees and the other holding her neck while violent coughs came out her mouth.

"Wtf man" Sean shoved me hard. "You harrassing women now!" he shouted.

"Ayo she started it first. All I did was put her in her place." I pointed at Kayla.

"His ass mad over Aniyah" Kayla said between coughs.

"Of course" Sean chuckled. "I'll see you in the  car.  I needa talk to Von for a sec" he said to Kayla and she nodded her head and exited the room.

"What's up man it's been almost two months since y'all stop talking. I thought you got over her with all those bitches you been smashing lately" Sean started off.

"Just cuz I'm smashing bitches don't mean I ain't thinking bout her 24/7" I chucked.

I haven't been able to get her off my mind for a while now.

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