Chapter 3

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Yulia's Pov:

“….Are you sure that’s enough?”

“Hmm…….I don’t know? That’s what I want  though.”

Just one kiss could cover up the situation…

“Can you do that for me? It’s not too much to ask.”

His worries were absurd. If that’s all it took to keep everything a secret, I was the one who benefited more than him.

Standing on my tiptoe, I placed a hand on his shoulder, closed my eyes, and briefly kissed his lips. 

“This should be okay, right?”

” I don’t think this is going to make me keep it a secret at all.”

“Then what more can I do to make you keep it a secret?”

He smiled, then put one hand on my cheek and made eye contact with me.

With his other hand, he wrapped around my waist and came close to my mouth.

Then, his lips overlapped mine. When his tongue penetrated inside my lips, my body started trembling.

I could feel the warm body temperature emitting from his body.

The illusion of being engulfed in swirling black ink surrounded my mind.

After I started losing my breath, our lips fell off.

Even after our lips fell off, the feeling of his lips still lingered.

I gasped for breath and my face felt so hot, I think my face was tomato red. 

I met his bright red eyes and he showed a satisfactory smile. In a soft tone, he started whispering to me.

“I’ll keep it a secret for a while.”

“…..for a while?”

Only for a while?

“Yes. Did you think I’d keep it a secret for the rest of my life?”

I was speechless and at a loss for words. Isn’t this a fraud? How can you be so cruel to scam people?

Is this really the villain? Is he perhaps a doppelganger?

The villain shouldn’t be so cheap.

“Please patiently wait here. I would like to be with you all day, but unfortunately I have something to do. 

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