the secret and the song

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(y/n)'s house

Me: wait so are we keeping our relationship a secret or not.

Maki: we're keeping it a secret, this is like the fifth time I've said it (y/n).

Me: sorry I'm just kinda slow in the mornings.

Maki: I can see.

Me: I love you.

Maki: I love you too dummy.

Me: hehe tsundere.

Maki blushed and punched my chest lightly.

Maki: shut up.

Me: you're proving that statement true the more you do that.

She pouts and I kiss her forehead.

Me: can I go back to bed?

Maki: yes, you don't have to ask me.

Me: yeah I do.

Maki: why?

Me: because this.

I grab her and hug her like a plush.

Maki: at least it's comfortable.

She hugged back and we went to sleep.

Nagatoros pov

How do I win (y/n) back. He's upset with me so how do I make it up to him... I'm blank, I can't think of anything I could do to make it up to him.

I look at a photo of me and him at an amusement park.

Me: I messed up.

I cried to myself.

Me: damnit Hayase, you had to go overboard just to get a damn reaction. Do you seriously hold a stupid one second thing over a friendship. Damnit. Damnit!

I punched my pillow and cried

Me: why am I such an idiot..... I just want my senpai back.

I curled into the fetal position and cried myself to sleep.

Your pov next day

What should I write. I need to write a song come on (y/n) thing.

I heard the tv going off in the back ground while Maki was playing on my PC.

TV show: I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready-



I run over to my music PC and get the clip from that tv show.

Timeskip 2 days

Maki: you done with that song?

I nod

Me: yeah I'm just getting ready to record the lyrics since my bud izuku sent me the other lyrics. I just need to finish mine.

Maki: can I watch?

Me: sure.

I give her an extra pair of head phones that can hear the feedback from my mic along with the other audios. I have one that just let me hear the other audios.

Me: ok

(Didn't use the MV because it had extra parts in it.)

When I'm done I see Maki with stars in her eyes.

Maki: amazing.

Me: u-um thanks.

Maki: you should be a professional! You should post it online!

Me: you sure?

Maki: yeah it'll be a hit!

We go to my music PC and post it online.

Maki: I know it will, but do you think it'll go viral

Me: nope.

Nagatoros pov time skip about an hour

I get up and go to the trending page of "Chirper". I see on the number 2 spot it says "I'm ready". I click on it and I'm met with a picture of (y/n).

I see a link to a video and it's a song. I listened to it and smiled.

Me: at least he's ok.



Me: who's the song for though.

It's not me because I'm sure he has no feelings for me anymore but it's a song about a girl. Who is it though.

I'm gonna sleep on it, I'm tired.

I rest my head on my pillow as the song plays in my head over and over.

Chapter end

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