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E L L I E    R O S E—

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E L L I E    R O S E—

"Michael Devvero"

I felt as my entire body shaking from the fear as I stared up at the man in front of me. Michael Devvero. One of the another most powerful and dangerous underground Mobb boss, The man known to be Mason's father. The man, my my mother gave her heart to and cheated with on my dad's back.

Michelle Devvero— the name that can make anyone's body to shake in fear was standing right in front of me and he was the father of the man I love with all my heart and soul— Mason.

"W-what?" I Whispered still couldn't believing my ears.

"You heard right, sweetheart" he darkly chuckled taking another step closer to me. My eyes grew widened and I felt as I couldn't breathe anymore as he pulled out a gun from his waistband. This was the last day of my life. He was definitely going to kill me.

"P-please don't" I whispered stepping back, tears threatening to come out from my eyes.

"You're exactly like Julia— beautiful and innocent" he smirked caressing my cheek with the nuzzle of his gun. "I heard you're carrying my son's child?"

I placed my hands on my belly protectively, nodding.

But how did he find out that I was pregnant? I'm the mother and I figured it out myself few hours ago but they all figured it out before me. Strange.

"Than how can I kill you? You're carrying Mason's heir, figlia" he purred as I looked down at my feet, shaking in fear. But I was relief inside knowing that he won't hurt the child. He put the gun nuzzed under my chin forcing me to looked into his eyes.

"But as soon as you'll give the birth of the child— I'll kill you"

I cleanched my jaw as well as my hands feeling blood boiling inside me. How could he do that? He can't do that.

"No, you—"

"I can do whatever I want, sweetheart" he bitterly spoke. "And it's my fucking final decision that the day you'll give birth to our heir, I'll kill you"

I shook my head ready to fight back but interrupted by Matteo.

"No, you promised me that you won't hurt Ellie" Matteo said wrapping his arms around me protectively. "You can take the child but you can't hurt Ellie, Michael"

"I won't give you my child!I'm I'm the mother! You can't snatched my child from me nor you can kill me!" I raised my voice, glaring at Michael and he let out a dark chuckle.

"We'll see that Ellie, but right now you need extra care so the child inside you be healthy and strong just like us not so weak like you" he whispered with smirk then made his way towards his glass desk.

"M-Mr Devvero, Please don't do this—"

"Matteo take her to the room and take care of her— we'll talk about this later" He ordered firmly, crossing his arms over his chest. Matteo took a deep breathe then nodded his head before holding my hand and leading me out from the office. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I leaned my forehead against his hard chest, crying.

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