End of Act 1 Note

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Hello readers! It's me Leb! :))

Before anything else, I'd like to leave this note open to any questions u guys have about the book and/or the characters. I'll answer them to the best of my ability IF it won't spoil the future parts. 

Feel free to ask the questions you have! :))

I'm so happy that the story finally reached the end of its first act. I really enjoyed creating this 1st half of the book because I saw how it grew. Not just as a book but as a story as well.

This book has reached 31K reads yesterday, and I just want to thank you guys for showing me and the book your support! It really means a lot that you guys like it, so yeahhh, thank you!! :))

Yes, the 2nd part of the book will be coming soon - I can't tell when exactly, but expect the first chapter of act 2 to drop some time from tomorrow to next week friday. Who knows, it might be tomorrow 0-0

Unfortunately with the end of act 1, we will be saying bye bye to some characters.

And we will be saying hello to some new characters - although...you've probably already met them 0-0

The story is just beginning, so I hope you look forward to the next parts to come :))

Again, thank you so much! Hope you, yes you there reading this, have a great day/night ahead of you. Stay healthy and happy! :))

- Leb

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