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"Balancin' on breaking branches."

Delilah Warner:{UNEDITED}

Disclaimer: wrote this chapter while being on a BIG writing block so don't mind if it doesn't make sense idk

"Kindly note that we are putting up a lockdown of two weeks due to a virus spreading in our state, starting from 10 am today. Kindly get back to your houses immediately as all the roads will be closed exactly at 10 am. All the details will be given very soon."

I watched as everyone around the cafe got up from their seats in confusion including myself. I did not understand what was happening but it definitely felt weird. 

As if breaking me from my trail of thoughts, Maxwell's hand came and grasped my laptop shutting it up with a thud, I winched internally. Next, his hand came and grabbed my backpack keeping the laptop in it, while I just stared at his face. He shut the zip so quick, I would have not seen it.

His eyes wandered over the table and the cafe quickly as if he was grasping in his memory what had to be done or not, while I just sat there staring at him like an idiot.

Can you tell that I am not very good was impulsive things?

His keen calculating green eyes wandered over anything and everything with his jaw slightly clenched in annoyance until they finally landed on me, and I swear I saw them softening a little bit before they turned back to the emotionless ones I was trying to get used to.

I just glanced at him, perplexed, as he gave me a pointed look. His tongue moved around within his mouth, grabbing the inside jaw's margins and that was kinda ho- never mind.

He scoffed slightly and came closer while I got a little defensive, trying not to show it.

I am just being weird now.

He grabbed the sleeve of my hoodie, pulling me along with him to god know's where. The real question is- why am I letting him drag me along with him?

Guess we'll never know.

My mind finally started working and I pulled my hand away from his hold, stopping right in my place.

He held the bridge of his nose in annoyance and looked up at me with an "If- I-could-I-would-kill-you" look.

"If you don't cooperate with me, I swear to fucking god I will throw you over my shoulder and carry you till the house" he warned

And I have never walked any quicker in my life.

I just know he was smirking, even though I couldn't see him.

What has my life turned to?

I stepped up to his car, intending to take a seat in the backseat when I was abruptly turned around by none other than Maxwell.

"Where do you think you're going?" he said, his brows narrowed as if he was trying to figure out what I was up to.

"To take a seat," I answered in a chilly tone, plainly signaling that I had no intention of conversing with him.

His knuckles turned white as his hands curled into a tight fist on the side of my waist.

"Do you take me for your driver or something?" he mocked, his head slightly tilting.

"Bingo" I smiled and moved away from his hold.

"Come sit in the front," he said as my hands reached out for the back door handle.

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