Chapter- 36

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Evan's POV

"Evan!" I closed the file on hearing her voice. Just the person I was expecting.

"Kate. You made it." I forced a fake smile on my face to greet her. She gave me a 'are-you-serious' look before pulling the chair and taking a seat.

"Of course I did. You called and I had to. Besides, it's not like I am living in some other state." I let out a small chuckle.

"So nice of you." Obviously she didn't get the sarcasm behind my praise.

"That requires you taking me to lunch. What about we go to-" She was cut off by a knock at the door.

"Come in." A small smile fell on my lips on seeing Brae at the door. She looked between us before instinctively taking a step in.

"Should I come back later?" Though she asked, I knew not even a bit did she want to leave.


"Of course not." Kate looked at me in surprise, shocked that I would allow her to interrupt us.

"Come in." Brae gently closed the door behind her and walked straight towards me. She took me by surprise when she bent her head down and attached her lips to mine. I kissed her back, enjoying the territorial side of Brae. I pulled away and smiled at her.

"Hold on. What's happening?" Kate's voice brought our eyes back to her face.

"We happened to have solved our differences and now we are back together." Her mouth hung open at my words, like she couldn't believe her ears.

"What!?" She almost shrieked.

"You don't seem too glad." The mock in Brae's voice was too hard to not notice.

"Of course not!" She snapped at her.

"I thought my happiness will make you happy. You're my friend right?" I asked in the most innocent tone.

"I am your friend and that's why I am not happy. I can't just let you get back with that bloody gold digger. She is-" She cut herself off, seemingly some kind of realization sunk in.

"She told you, right? She fed you with all those lies." So her act wasn't over yet!

"Lies?" I raised a brow at her.

"Yes, Evan. I know what she must have told you. She had threatened me to stay away from you or she would tell you that years back I was the one who jeopardized your relationship." I couldn't help but chuckle. It took her a second to fetch up a lie, a poorly structured one though.

"Sorry but threats? I thought that's your thing." Kate shot a venomous glare at her before looking back at me.

"Evan, you have to believe me. I would never-" I cut her off when I played the voice recording on my phone.

"I didn't separate them sweetheart. Brae's credulous mind did. She is suffering because she is stupid and as for Evan, he isn't suffering now. He doesn't need your stupid sister when I am there for him."

"Because I love him ! And Brae deserves this for interfering in our lives. She shouldn't have been there in the first place and Evan would have been mine."

I hit the stop button and the room was met with instant silence. Her eyes were trained on the phone in my hand.

"I believe you, Kate." I was waiting for her to say something, cook up another excuse and shift the blame.

"What? You don't have anything to say? She folded her arms against her chest, a hard malicious look coming over her face.

"So, you are picking up from where you left, I guess. Am I getting an invite to your wedding?" Brae let out a humorless chuckle.

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