Chapter 3

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Meanwhile, Duchess Juliana Auburn was sitting in the drawing-room. This was the first time in her life that her heart pounded so fast and loud. Taking the tea that the maids had respectfully handed to her, she nervously stirred her tea with a spoon then sent them all out.

After confirming that the door was closed and no one was around, Juliana pinched her cheeks.


Her cheeks quickly turned red after she pinched it too hard. Then Juliana started slapping herself in the face.

“If only this was just a dream!”

But it was no dream. It was real and she had felt everything quite vividly.

Juliana cried out in her heart. No, if you’re going to remember your past life, do it from the start! What’s the point of remembering when you’re already about to be killed as the villainess character?!

“It doesn’t make sense!” 

Juliana screamed quietly as she gazed at her black tea.

Just a few days ago she had entertained her lovers in this very house, eating and drinking merrily as they all mocked her husband who hadn’t returned home yet.

At that time, she really had no idea that she was living in the world of a romantic fantasy novel with a rating of 4.4! The truth was that she was Juliana Auburn, the number 1 villainess of the novel who could only see her illegitimate husband’s flaws and was blind to his good qualities.

But last night’s dream changed everything. Now Juliana knew that she was nothing but a minor villainess character who would soon be killed.

“I’m nothing but an extra…like parsley beside a steak…”

Juliana couldn’t control her feelings of frustration and hid her face in her hands. She was so overcome with her emotions that her shoulders shook. Soon she heard the sound of a group of knights approaching on horseback.

“He’s here.”

Juliana rose abruptly and opened the window.

Indeed, it was her husband who was proudly arriving with a group of his men. The parade of elite soldiers looked very grand as they rode up the main road to the mansion. Outside the mansion’s closed gate, the loud cheering of the welcoming crowd could be heard.

Juliana gulped down nervous saliva.

Leaning out of the window, she noticed that her husband was looking up at her. But she denied it in her heart because it was impossible. He was only riding up the main road. You cannot see your wife peeking out the drawing room window at the far end of the mansion. 

Juliana hurriedly closed the window and took a deep breath to calm herself.

Her husband was here.

The husband who, sooner or later, would kill her.

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