Chapter 32

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Hii everyone, I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the novel so far. We are far from the end and I'm super excited to share the ideas I've been storming up with help of my cousin. But anyways, here's another chapter for you ❤️

~Jessica's POV

The car ride is silent, but there is a certain atmosphere of chaos roaming in the car. The rope tied around my wrists and ankles start to burn my skin. My eyes are drowning in my own tears as the blindfold traps the water from falling freely.

The car goes over a speed bumb and I knock against the seat. The tiny space of the boot makes it hard for me to find a comfortable position to lie in.

The car ride feels like hours and I am starting to feel pins and needles shoot through out my body. All of a sudden, the car comes to an abrupt stop and I hear a deep voice say, "We're here."

I hear the door of the boot open and I look up in hopes to see through the blindfold. My feet gets untied and I am roughly pulled out of the car and dragged across a lawn.

My arm starts to pain as the person who is holding me has me in an iron grip. I get roughly pulled to the person's body, a slight hint of alcohol can be identified coming from the monster who is holding me.

"Let's hope you were telling the truth little sister, it'll be a shame to watch mommy and daddy be covered in your blood." I hear Joseph say with venom to each word.

All of a sudden I feel a cold metal tip of an object dig into my forehead. Is that a gun? I immediately start panicking again and I feel the tip of the gun brush against my skin along with the breath of Joseph fan across my face." Why so scared? Nothings going to happen since you told the truth. You did tell the truth, right?" I can't see, but I know he has a smirk on his face, waiting for me to call my out my bluff.

I shake my head weakly. "No, I'm telling the truth." I say wanting to get swallowed by the ground. "Perfect! Then you have nothing to worry about." he says enthusiastically.

I feel his face distance itself from mine before hearing three loud knocks on the door. I listen carefully and hear shuffling going around. I hear my fathers frail voice ask from the other side of the door."Who is it? "

Joseph shakes me indicating for me to speak. "It's m-me, Dad. I-it's j-Jessie." I hear my foolish old father open the door without hesitation. I did not want him to see me like this.

I hear a gasp and I look up, but I still cannot see through my blindfold, instead I see a shadow figure standing in the light. All I want to do is run and hold him tight, but my arms, tied behind my back, refrains me from doing so.

I get pulled into the house and I hear the door shut behind me. I hear my mother's voice cry out which triggers my tears to fall. I get pushed to the ground and I hit the floor with a loud thud.

Quickly, I feel familiar arms holding me, my mother's. She gently removes my blindfold and it takes a couple of seconds for my vision to adjust. I look around the room and we're in the middle of the living room with my dad behind my mother, but looking at what's behind me.

I turn my head around to see Joseph pointing a gun at us. My mother begins to untie my hands slowly and when I'm free, I engulf her in a much needed hug.

She cries into my arms and I cry with her. I pull back and squeeze her arm lightly. "Mom... Dad, this is Joseph, my brother." My mother carries a shocked expression on her face, but I squeeze her even harder so that she follows me lead.

"I told Joseph how both of you cry for him each night and how much effort you have put into finding him, but couldn't because he disappeared from foster care." I say widening my eyes for them to follow my lead.

My mother catches on quick, but my father is still in a state of shock." Joe!" my mother cries out while looking at him." Your father and I has missed you so much... Can I hug you?" she asks while opening her arms.

I turn to Joseph and see him holding back his cry while fighting to keep the gun steady. It's working. My mother slowly gets up with her hands in the air.

"How about I make us all a cup of tea and then we can talk." she says in a suggestive tone, waiting for Joseph's reply.

He wipes the tears that has fallen and nods his head yes. "If you try anything funny, I'll shoot Jessica." My mother visibly stiffens, but nods her head.

He points the gun at me and my body freezes. "Go help Mom, I need a word with Dad, alone." I nod and usher my mother to the kitchen.

My fear for my father's safety increases as this Joseph guy is unpredictable. My mother puts on the kettle, but then pulls me aside and whispers. "Here. A man named Xavior dropped this here." my mother says handing me my phone while looking around.

Never have I ever been this happy to have dropped my phone while trying to escape. My mother gets busy with the tea while I try to focus on the muffled noise coming from the living room and trying to see if I still have Xavior's number.

I finally find it and type out a hurried message. 'It's Jessica! YOU NEED TO COME OVER TO MY PARENTS HOUSE. NOW!'

I try to type out more, but my phone battery dies. "Shit", I say trying to switch on my phone, but it doesn't work. I hide it in the trash can and help carry the tea out.

We place the tea down and Joseph has the gun resting on his thigh. My father still has the same scared expression on his face as if he has seen a ghost.

Five minutes has gone by and I tell the exact same lie that I have told him and my mother follows my lead, but my father remains silent. After what felt like forever, the door crashes open and in marches men carrying heavy arms.

I reach for my parents and hold their head down as gun shots are being fired all around us. I can feel my parents terror, but I tell them that it's going to be okay.

I see Joseph run upstairs and some men dressed in black follows him. I look to the door and see Kyle and Xavior walk in, looking around.

I don't know what comes over me, but I find myself running towards Kyle and hugging him so tightly. He returns the hug just as tight and I cry into his arms, thanking him for saving me.

"Where's Victoria?" I turn to see Xavior asking with hope in his eyes, but it soon disappears as I tell him that I came alone and that she is still Jackson's prisoner.

The men, that followed Joseph, comes down the stairs. "He got away Boss, he jumped out the window and ran." says one bulky looking man with tattoos and scars covering his body.

Xavior nods and tells him to get everyone back to the vehicle. I step away from Kyle's hold, immediately missing it for some odd reason and turn to my parents." Why didn't you ever tell us that we had an older brother?" I ask feeling betrayed and angry as this could've been avoided.

My mother looks between my father and I, carrying a confused expression. "That's because we never had a child named Joseph." I stare at her, this time with confusion instead of betrayal.

"What do you mean you never had a child named Joseph?"

My father speaks up for the first time tonight and says. "That's because your mother never had a child named Joseph, but I did."

Pheww, the dramaaaa. But any way, I hope you liked this chapter. Soon everything will start connecting and the all the secrets between everyone will start exposing itself. Be safe and take care of yourself. ❤️❤️

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