36|| I Lied

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"What is it?" Av questioned and Marcus shrugged his shoulders

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"What is it?" Av questioned and Marcus shrugged his shoulders. I stared at the letter between his fingers and I bit the skin inside my lip in curiosity.

We all sat around a large desk in the safe house. Marcus, Marco, Ricky, Jaden, Lorenzo, Matteo, Java, Kina, Alya, Louis and Blondie.

They all came over a couple hours ago to discuss a new mission. Apparently Viper is going to try to get the Russians on his side but Silas-- The Russian mafia leader and I have an alliance in place.

The mission is simple, we make sure Viper doesn't kill anyone when Silas denies his offer.

It's maybe four am. They came over around midnight. I was pissed of course, they ruined my reading time with Av.

"No idea" Marcus replied and I drummed my fingers on the dark oak desk.

"To whoever this letter finds itself to" Marcus began. "My name is Aaron Kingston and I did not commit suicide. I was murdered."

When those words slip past Marcuse lips my entire body stilled. My heart rate picked up and I balled my hands into fists.


"My son Ace he's grieving right now. Rose was just murdered, he's staying in Lilly's room away from me. I don't blame him" Marcus continued and I stared at the desk blinking a couple times.

They can't find out.

"Someone is going to kill me. I asked Viper to kill Rose. I did it. There's a girl Avery, my son's bestfriend. She just lost her mother, but Ace he isn't talking to her" Marcus continued reading and I felt my chest heaving. My lungs closed in and it felt almost impossible to breathe.

"I'm awaiting death. If you are reading this, Aaron Kingston did not kill himself, he was murdered" Marcus finished and I looked up from the desk to see all eyes on me.

Av looked at me with sympathetic eyes and I looked away.


Getting up from the chair I hurried out the room rushing to Av's and my bedroom.

Pushing open the bathroom door I slammed my hand on the counter. Tears streamed down my face and I looked at the mirror.

They can't know.

She can't know I lied to her.

I heard the room door open and I didn't bother looking up when the bathroom door opened next.

"Ace" she called out quietly and I ignored her.

"Ace" she repeated and I looked at her, tears falling from eyes. I felt weak, helpless.

"Love" she whispered stepping forward and I dropped to my knees, wrapping my hands around her waist.

She dropped to her knees as well, her hand raking through my hair. "They're going to find out" I sob.

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