#22 One for all

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[Okay, this is more for the flashbacks then anything this chapter. So, there's gonna be a little less reader interaction here.]

It was a bright, sunny day in Tokyo. The date being June 19, 2003 to be precise. The sound of a revving motorcycle enjin could be heard and seen on it, is a younger Baji and younger Mikey, who's riding with Baji,"So Mikey, did ya tell everybody to meet at the shrine?" Baji asks.

"Yeah, but more importantly. How's your new Junior High?" Mikey asks and Baji exaggerates a sigh,"Boring, no one there got any damn guts at all." he complains,"If I went to your Junior High, you'd never be bored!" Mikey exclaims with a smile,"It's so cool you have a motorcycle. It's, uh, GSX250E, right? Great job fixing it up! Must've took awhile." he comments with an impressed tone.

"Yeah, it did. It was pretty rough when I got it." Baji says as he slowly comes to a stop in front of a red light,"But, I found a bunch of people who could get me used parts." he says as he comes to a stop with a prideful grin,"Now it's the coolest 250 in Tokyo!"

Soon, another bike comes to a stop next to them with a familiar dragon tattoo symbol on it,"Pft, it's the coolest in Tokyo, huh? Well my Zephyr is the best in all of Japan!" Draken boasts proudly when another bike comes to a stop next to him. It was Mitsuya!

"Hey, hey, hey now. You wanna talk shit like that, don't try doing it in front of me! My Impulse here is the best bike in the world my friend!" Mitsuya says with a proud grin,"You're all thinking too small."

Then, another bike comes to a stop next to them, thus time it's Kazutora. His face having small plasters on it,"Haha, what are you guys even got worth fighting about when you're all still stuck here on planet earth? My Rocket is the best bike in the universe!" he grins as he revvs his enjin a bit.

"Oh-ho~ So you little shits finally grew some pubes, huh?" Baji mocks with a grin as Mikey's head starts to drop every now and then from exhaustion while Draken scoffs at Baji's words,"Look who's talking!" he says,"Huh? I've had more than all of you since fith grade!" Mitsuya claims,"Oh, I'm getting really sleepy..." Mikey mutters with a slight sigh as his eyes droop.

As soon as the light turned green, another bike speeds by them,"Huh?" it was Pah that passed them,"My CBX400F is the best of all! It's a race to the shrine!" Pah declares and everyone, except Mikey, scowls at his form with tick marks on their expressions.

"Damn you! That's not a fair race!" Baji yells as they start racing after Pah,"That's cheating and you damn well know it Pah!!" Draken growls,"I'll beat you anyway!" Mitsuya threatens,"Haha, last one there is gonna get his ass kicked!" Kazutora laughs before speeding up.

Meanwhile, Mikey just fell asleep with a little drool threatening to fall out,"Hey! What the hell are you doing falling asleep Mikey!? Wake up, you're gonna fall off, you dumbass!! Mikey!! Wake up!!" Baji yells with slight panic and anger when Mikey refuses to wake up.

It wasn't long before they reached the shrine themselves, but Mikey still wasn't awake so Baji had to piggyback him up the stairs with huffs,"Damn it..." he curses softly as he reaches the top,"Thanks a lot for all the help!" he says sarcastically, exhaustion clear in his tone as sweat dots his face.

"Took you long enough." Kazutora comments while leaning against a statue,"You're dead last." Mitsuya points out as Draken stood in the background with a soccer ball under his foot, most likely playing with Pah,"That's not my fault, he was dead asleep on my back the whole time! Passed out!" Baji spat out with annoyance.

"Excuses much?" Mitsuya says,"Yeah, pretty lame dude." Kazutora says as he stood up from his leaning position,"Easy for you to say!" Baji scowls and Mikey chose this time to wake up,"Huh, are we here...?" he questions in a drowsy manner as the others walks towards the shrine.

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