Thirty One

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Her walk is like a shot of whisky. Neat and strong and full of purpose. And so many underestimate her punch.
~ JM Storm

Track 32; 'Cuz I Can by P!NK

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"Wake." A pillow hit you in the face. "Up." Before it could strike again you raised your hand to grab the offending material and stopped it midway. You opened your eyes to see Aizawa looming over you with two pillows. One in his right which you were holding, and another in his left.

The man obviously knew that you were awake with how you grabbed his makeshift weapon, but he swung his left arm wide and smacked you in the face with it. "Once more for good measure."

"Quit bullying her." Hizashi nagged. "Let the woman get up in peace."

"School starts in two hours, she's going to make me late if she keeps sleeping in." Aizawa retorted to the blond man in the kitchen.

You could physically hear Hizashi roll his eyes. "Like you don't sleep all the time."

Aizawa grumbled under his breath and dropped both pillows before storming into the kitchen. You had expected to hear a fight, but instead Hizashi came out wrapped in Aizawa's scarf with two mugs of coffee in his hand.

"He tried strangling me, save me." Hizashi fled to the couch and set himself down on it when you moved your feet to give him more room. Wordlessly he handed your coffee to you and he took a sip of his with a happy sigh. "How'd you sleep?"

"Not well, actually." You murmured, staring at the coffee in your hands. You would've desperately sucked it down on regular mornings, but your stomach churned with anxiety. "I haven't slept on a couch in a minute and it felt weird."

Hizashi looked up at Aizawa when the man returned to the living room with a scolding gaze. "I told you that you should've let her sleep in the bed and Shinso on the couch."

You waved Hizashi off with your hand. "It's fine, he's still going to school and he needs restful sleep before class." You forced yourself to take a sip of your coffee and you let the liquid sit in your mouth before you made yourself swallow it.

Speaking of the purple-haired teen, he shuffled out of the guest bedroom with a loud yawn. His tired eyes scanned the living room before they rolled and he threw himself into the armchair across from the couch, leaving Aizawa with only one place to sit: next to Hizashi.

The exhausted man grumbled and dropped onto the free seat on the couch. "What are your plans today, (Y/N)?"

You didn't even think about what you were possibly going to do today. You definitely didn't want to return to the penthouse in case Keigo was still there. If he was awake that would mean a confrontation and you weren't ready for that. You took another sip of your coffee and this time you didn't have to force yourself to swallow it. "I don't know. I don't really have any place to go except back to the house..."

A lightbulb went off over Hizashi's head and the man grinned. "Why don't you come to U.A. and act as a special guest? I'm sure Class 1-A would love to meet an alumni who actually graduated under Aizawa."

"She's not the only one that graduated." Aizawa muttered bitterly, though you knew he didn't mean it. Hands down you were his favorite student along with Hizashi's, he just had a reputation to upkeep and that was why he was mean to you sometimes. It never phased you though, you knew he always meant well when it came to you.

"You did say that you had a few students that needed a 'what-for'." You replied, leaning back on the couch and nursing your drink.

"Particularly one, the other one just has a bad habit of hurting himself when he uses his quirk." Hizashi commented. "That little shit doesn't even pay attention in English anymore."

"Midoriya or Bakugou?" Shinso piped up from the armchair, his eyes closed with his head back against the cushion.

"Both." The two teachers replied at the same time. They exchanged a glance before sighing. "They're too caught up with competing with each other to actually pay attention."

"Sounds like somebody needs to step in." You mused, finally finishing your coffee with an agreeable stomach. "Is anybody going to make breakfast or shall I?"

"Shinso go help (Y/N) with breakfast." Aizawa told the student.

Shinso groaned loudly and let his whole body slip off the leather armchair onto the floor before he rose to his feet. "Just don't burn anything."

You stood up and stretched your arms above your head, your right wing smacking Hizashi in the face as you did so. You gave him an apologetic glance and he shrugged, returning it with a small smile. "You don't even know my level of skill when it comes to cooking. Have you been in outer space every time the discussion of my bar came up? I didn't just mix drinks, you know."

"Seems like that's all you're good at sometimes." Shinso muttered under his breath. You quivered in anger, what the fuck shit in his Cheerios this morning? You looked over your shoulder to see if either man would support you but they were having their own conversation and you just turned and followed the teenager into the kitchen.

"What the fuck is your problem?" You asked him when he was leaning over to pull pots and pans out of the cupboard.

"What's your problem? Why are you always such a crybaby, huh?" He retorted venomously.

"Aizawa!" You called out, blocking the whole entrance to the kitchen so Shinso couldn't escape your wrath. "Can I fucking kill him?"

"No." Hizashi and Aizawa said from the living room.

Shinso threw a cocky smirk at you as he set the pan down on the stove, turning to the fridge to grab some sausage links.

"Feel free to scar him, though." Eraserhead's tired voice chirped up.

You ripped open the drawers around you and picked up all the silverware you could find, mainly looking for knives. Shinso wasn't paying attention, instead tending to the sausage in the pan when you finally got enough of what you needed. He didn't have a chance to look up before forks, knives, and spoons stabbed his uniform into the wall closest to him. His eyes widened, he hadn't expected you to return his harassment so violently, but he underestimated your mental stability to make reasonable decisions at that point.

"Listen here you little fucking purple people-eater, you don't get to fucking treat me like shit over the smallest things. I don't care what the fuck happened to you to give you such a nasty attitude, but you're gonna learn the hard way when you give the wrong somebody an attitude and they kill you for it. Get your fucking shit together and stop acting like a five year old. Heros don't act like this, villains do." You were directly in his face at that point, and Shinso would never tell you that you scared the shit out of him in that moment.

Aizawa and Hizashi intercepted before it went any further and the blond man pulled you away from the kitchen. "Why don't we stop by a cafe for breakfast, huh? Grab something for the road?"

Aizawa wordlessly began pulling silverware and knives from his kitchen wall, effectively letting Shinso back down to his feet.

The Pro-Hero didn't say anything as he left the kitchen, following Hizashi to help calm you down.

Shinso kicked himself in the back of the leg.

Why can't he just learn to shut the fuck up?

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