Thirty Five

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You are the fire that lights my soul and keeps my heart warm at night
~ Christy Ann Martine

Track 36; Sanctuary by Joji

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You were in the hospital for three days so they could monitor your recovery. Your time spent was not enjoyable. Sleep was a figure of imagination at this point as you only experienced nightmares from what you could remember of your assault that night.

Keigo never left your side, he refused to leave when he was asked by both the doctors and nurses. Nobody had the guts to argue with the #2 Pro-Hero, so he was allowed to stay.

If you had thought that Aizawa was an overprotective parent, you didn't recognize Keigo with how he was treating you. Basically you didn't have to lift a finger to do anything or the overgrown chicken would be fretting and squawking like a mother hen.

You were quickly getting tired of it, but you didn't mind the attention. The last thing you wanted was to be left alone, anyways. He even had to escort you from your bed to the bathroom and hang out in there while you showered. You'd already experienced a few breakdowns from the trauma and Keigo was quick to get you a therapist who would arrive wherever you were to talk. If you didn't like who you were talking to, he didn't even give them a chance to breathe before they were kicked out of your private room.

Eventually you nagged at him to stop treating you like a baby and he obliged—somewhat. It was difficult to stop him from breathing over your shoulder at every moment but he quickly realized how frustrated you were getting with him and he stopped a majority of his antics.

He refused to let you eat the hospital food, instead ordering takeout and having it delivered to the lobby where he could pick it up and fly it back to you at short notice.

The day that you were released from the hospital, Keigo had to explain something to you.

"I'm selling the penthouse."

"What? Why?"

He sat back against the bed with a sigh, pulling you closer to him with his arms wrapped around your waist. "I don't think you should live in the house that you were assaulted in." Before you could say anything, he lifted a finger to silence you in a motion that he wasn't done yet. "Eraserhead and Present Mic explained to me what U.A. did for you, and I want you to take that opportunity. I want you to find a place to put your bar, and then we can find a house nearby."

Your mouth dropped slightly, but his hand came to close it with a small chuckle.

"Wait..." You had to process the information. "You want us," you motioned between him and yourself with a hand. "To buy a new house?"

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When you were discharged from the hospital you immediately went to Aizawa's house—which actually meant that you were staying at his place in the Class 1-A dorm. There was an extra bedroom next to his that nobody used, so it was yours for the taking.

It was pretty questionable on why you were staying on campus, but the students were respectful of your privacy. The only one who had a basic idea of what was happening was Shinsou—Aizawa had filled him in after you'd allowed it.

He had been in the middle of patrol with Shinsou when he received the call from Keigo explaining what had happened to you. He didn't explain what exactly went down, but Shinsou understood that you were attacked and in the hospital because of it. The student didn't stay in the same dorm as the rest of class 1-A, so it wasn't like he was going to spill anything to them.

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