Forty Three

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Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything.

Track 44; I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You, by Kina Grannis & Imaginary Future

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"We're getting married."

The look of disgust that crossed Aizawa's face either made you want to cry or punch him in the mouth. You knew that he didn't like Hawks after the stunt he pulled about Dabi trying to hunt you down and kill you, but you understood his reasoning behind it.

You were also willing to defend Keigo to the death, and Aizawa knew you'd choke him out if he talked shit about Keigo in front of you.

You were giving your mentor a scrutinizing glare, perhaps pressuring him into a nice response instead of a tart retort, and thankfully a small smile crossed his face. "Congratulations."

Your feathers ruffled with his praise only to stiffen when you heard Hizashi wail at the top of his lungs. You didn't know if it was a happy cry or sad cry, but the overgrown cockatoo was not holding back the waterfall of tears. You slid him and Aizawa a glass of sake across the bar before returning to Midnight's margarita.

"You're so grown up already." He sobbed, leaning back in his chair and turning his head to Midnight. "She's getting married."

The woman with dark purple hair gave you a graceful smile when you gave her the margarita you'd mixed together before patting Hizashi gently on the shoulder to comfort him. "I know, honey."

Shinso didn't seem to give a damn on the other hand, instead pushing his straw around in his glass of sprite. The only reason he was in your bar is because he was partaking patrol with Aizawa once again. "Your kids will be ugly."

"Say that again and I'll make you babysit said ugly children." You threatened, reaching for the knife under the counter that you used to cut limes and lemons with. Aizawa gave you a look out of the corner of his eye and you put your hand back on the table.

Shinso had no response to your threat, instead finishing his sprite and continuing once it was gone just to make that obnoxious fucking noise. You were ready to stab his hand into your counter before Aizawa cuffed him on the back of the head.

"So when am I getting my invite?" Nemuri asked, propping her chin in her hands.

"Next week, but since I don't have any actual "friends", I was gonna ask for your help in dress shopping."

Her jaw dropped. "Really?" You gave her a quick nod, drying the glasses in the sink before the doors opened for your customers.

You then turned to Aizawa and Hizashi. "Since I don't have anybody walking me down the aisle, would you two do it?"

The next thing you knew, you had three pro-heros crying at your bar.

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The next few days were hectic as hell. You were overrun with patrol shifts and then you had to run the bar. That left barely anytime to go dress shopping with Nemuri until she physically showed up at the penthouse and dragged you out by your ear.

You were unsure of your spending limit, but Keigo opened his wallet and handed you his credit card before you left. You looked between him and the card, wondering if this was actually alright.

"Don't hold back baby, if I don't cry when I see you then you chose the wrong dress." He gave you a kiss and pushed you out the door, leaving you to Nemuri.

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