Kabanata 7

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Kabanata 7


I bitterly smirked and shook my head. Hindi niya ako matiis?

I still remember those words he spitted out that day when he told me that she was like a sister to him. But as days go and passed by, I watched him fall for someone else. I witnessed how he pursued her. I witnessed how he had entered a relationship with her.

"May gusto nga yata si August kay Tatiana. Rinig ko liligawan daw yata niya eh..."

"I don't think so. I heard that he likes Ivory. Siya pa nga and 18th roses niya ngayon di'ba? Hindi naman papayag si August kung hindi..."

The truth is, I am not really contented. I will never be contented watching them happy from afar.

I may be selfish, but I will admit that somehow, it's not just Tatiana that I envied but those women that Kreventius treated in a good way.

I smiled bitterly while reminiscing those lies he told me. Na sana pinaniwalaan ko nalang yung mga naririnig kong sabi sabi noon.

I run my fingers through the piano tiles while facing the crowd with tons of elite people.. Hinawi ko ang tingin ko sa harapan.

Some of them are staring at me but most of them are too focused on the debutant, patiently waiting as the 18 roses will begin anytime soon.

"Ready?" Horace' whispered in a low voice as his eyes darted at me. 

I was even confused lately why he was here but it happened he's somehow connected with the El Rousseau.

I slowly nodded and he glanced at those three men beside us who are holding a violin and he gestured for them to begin.  

I cleared my throat as I began to press the keys and began playing howl's moving castle.

My eyes caught Kreventius who was smiling at Ivory.

I even caught how Ivory slapped his arms but he only chuckled and smirked after he whispered something in her ears.

Before they could even part ways, Kreventius lend Ivory's hands to Mr. El Rousseau, their father, as the ceremony began.

Napalunok ako nang maramdaman niyang parang may nakamasid sa kanya. So as he roamed my eyes and before it landed at me, I immediately removed my sight away from them.

Sometimes I couldn't help but wonder... bakit hindi ako?

Up until now, I still didn't know the reason why he hates me. but I guess it was all rooted in his wrath that he's been suppressing for a long time.

Na baka... ayaw niya talaga sa'kin.

That maybe he really hates everything about me. Hindi ko maiwasang makaramdam ng inggit.

I am not the type of person who'll swallow my pride but If this is the only way I could get him then I will do it.

More than that, I don't think I still have the guts to face him after the humiliations I've been through.

But about what happened yesterday, he just told me that he's not mad at me. Nag-init ang pisngi ko nang maalala ang pag-uusap namin kahapon kung kaya't mariin akong napapikit.

Rumurupok ka nanaman sa kanya, Elianna!

"Kita niyo 'yan? Pinsan namin 'yan! Ganda no? Malamang nasa lahi namin eh." I glanced at Zachary who just shouted which made me flushed because of embarrassment.

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