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The stupid white cockroach was getting on my nerves, I get it they were together and still friends but it doesn't give him the right to ask her to go grab a cup of coffee.

I was sitting in front of her while he of course decided to sit next to her, way too close for my confront. He purposely started bringing up their highschool memories together.

"Remember when we went to the carnaval together" he said, her eyes lit up and she smiled widely.

"Omg, do you remember the arcades?! The best thing ever." She chuckled, I laid back and just kept looking around while playing with a tea spoon. From the corner of my eye I saw his hand touch the bracelet on her wrist. I know I promised I'll work on my anger but not with him.

I felt a foot touch my knee and I woke up from my day dreams that were very much about ways to murder this guy. I looked up and Maze had a worried look, she extended her arm and grabbed the now bent spoon, I didn't even notice I've done that. She took it away and gently placed it on her plate.

"So Dawn, since your Maze's bodyguard maybe you should tell me more about yourself. I'm curious" he smirked, this jar of mayonnaise was really looking forward to get beaten. Even the slightest things he does make me irritated. I ignored his question and just kept staring coldly at him.

"Okay? Maze I have to go now I've got work. Here" he took a napkin and wrote a small note and slid it in front of her. He went to kiss her cheek but I was quick to grab his shirt and pull him away making him face me, he was on his tip toes like a little bitch.

"What... did I say?" I asked, he swallowed hard and stuttered.

"Dawn..." Maze warned, I let go of him and he straightened his shirt and left the shop.

"Cmon, we have to go. Your stylist is waiting for you" I said,

"Wait, I have to go to the bathroom" she said, I followed her down the hallway towards the bathroom and just stood there guarding the door.

A few minutes later, I heard a scream and I barged inside to look for Maze. I heard the door shut and get locked, I looked behind me and she was leaning against the door with a smirk on her face.

"Maze what the hell?!" I yelled, she just bit her lip as I got closer.

"That was the only way that'll make you come inside" her voice was raspy and low, I gave her a confused look as her hands grabbed my collar and pulled me closer to her face.

"You look hot when you're jealous, do you know that" she whispered, she smashed her lips on mine and her hands tangled in my hair. I wrapped one arm around her waist and the other pulled her leg up while our tongues fought, her whimpers grew louder by the second.

She started to grind on me, her dress was riding up the harder she moved against me. I slid the straps on her dress untill her breast got exposed to me, my lips traced from her neck to her nipple. While my mouth got busy sucking on her swollen buds my hand slid under her panties to her wetness. The warm feeling around my fingers made me harder, I teased her by only rubbing her clit and nothing else and she wasn't having it.

"I-inside... Please" she begged, I shoved two fingers easily and she threw her head back letting out a loud moan. I pounded my fingers harder until I felt her walls wrap around them, her hands grabbed my shirt harder as she got closer to blowing on my fingers. She came with one final moan and her legs gave up on her, I held her tighter not letting her fall and kissed all over her neck, her breathing started to get its rythme back and she finally looked up at me.

"You good?" I asked, she nodded still holding on to me.


"What do you think I should wear Maria?" I asked the stylist, she's been designing my dresses for the gala since forever. She already knows my measurements, she's here to discuss my outfit.

She was sitting on my couch and sipping her wine, Dawn was standing next to the door looking professional, and hot.

"Black looks amazing on you babe" said Maria, I rolled my eyes at her. She says that all the time and she's right, all the black dresses she designed for me looked stunning.

"I wanna look like a princess, an evil princess." I sighed, the gala was very close and I was so not excited the only thing that was giving me hope was Dawn since I'm gonna ask her to be my escort.

I put my hands back in my pocket to find the note that Martin wrote me, it was his new address and him asking me to hangout out.

"Dawn can you please throw this in the trash?" Dawn grabbed the open napkin and scanned it, her eyes held confusion for a second and then she touched her earpiece.

"John I need you in the security room right now, it's urgent" she said and hurriedly left the room, I gave Maria a confused look and she just shrugged. What could possibly be so interesting in that note?

"Hm I have the perfect dress for you" Maria caught my attention, she grabbed her purse and took her iPad out. She scrolled around for a second and then patted the seat next to her.

"Look at this beauty"

Wassup everybody!!!

I hope you're having a great day! Ily


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