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Death and love are the two good wings that bear the good man to heaven.
~ Michelangelo

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As the early morning rays of sunshine pierced through the curtains blocking your bedroom window, your phone vibrated on your nightstand. You rolled over to grab it, putting in your passcode and reading a text that made your heart skip a bear.

I'm sure you're still sleeping but I've got information on what happened to your bar. I know who burnt it down.

Your fingers scrambled across your screen as you typed an answer back, placing your non-dominant hand over your chest as you sent it.

Thank you again for assisting in the process. Are you able to meet after class today?

The typing bubble appeared at the bottom of your screen, informing you that he was typing a reply. You thanked him mentally for his quick replies.

Yes. Does 16:30 at Asako Park work?

Asako Park was directly across the street from your burnt down bar. The thought of going there left an ache in your chest but you understood the notion since he was still running nightwatch on the place.

I'll make sure to be there.

You put your phone back down on the nightstand, rolling back over onto your back and rubbing your face with the palms of your hands. Yoshio rose at the foot of your bed and chirped, stretching his body out as he approached you for attention. You scratched him behind the ears as you sat up, brushing a stray lock of hair behind your own.

A few more days had passed since Hawks asked if he could take you shopping for some necessities. That meant that the time you'd been out of your old apartment had extended into a week. Unfortunately there wasn't much to do around the penthouse and you discovered you were going a little stir crazy as the minutes dragged on into hours when Hawks wasn't home. You'd considered leaving to go for a walk but you were unfamiliar with the prefecture you were in, too worried about getting lost even though you knew that the pro-hero you were rooming with could find you within a few minutes.

As you walked into the private bathroom attached to the guest bedroom Hawks had let you stay in you began playing music on your phone before you set it down onto the counter. Your thoughts wandered to far away places as you went about your routine with robotic motions, wondering how your life would play out from this moment forwards. You mulled over the idea of going out to see if you could find another job. You only really had experience with mixology since that was pretty much the only thing you had done since graduating from U.A..

You stepped out of the shower, putting your hair up in a towel after drying yourself off and making your way back to the closet to find an outfit for the day. You only had a minimal selection of clothes to build a look with—none of them were fashionable thanks to your haste of emptying the drawers of your dresser instead of picking through your closet during one of the scariest moments of your life. After scolding yourself for not being more concerned about how you presented yourself around the man who saved your life, you grabbed the top and bottoms you thought would be the closest thing suitable for wandering the streets with a pro-hero.

You hadn't realized Yoshio was no longer on your bed until you exited the bathroom for the last time after brushing your teeth and making your hair presentable to eyes besides your own. You were curious to where the grey feline had disappeared to, your mind settling on the fact that he was most likely harassing Hawks out of bed if the winged hero wasn't up and moving already. It didn't take you long to figure out that his work schedule was wildly unpredictable. The first four days you had stayed with him he had always picked up a regular day shift to ensure that he could make sure that you had eaten at least once a day. Though yesterday and the day before you didn't see him awake until the afternoon. He'd informed you that first afternoon that he was switched to evening shifts for the weekend, causing him to return home at ungodly hours of the morning.

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