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I always wanted you, even when I didn't know what I wanted, even before I knew you. It was you. You were the chapter that I didn't know the words to, but always knew it existed and when I finally found it and began to read, I knew I was home.

Track 15; Death of a Bachelor by P!ATD

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Hawks managed to get out as much as he was comfortable with by the time the food arrived. You had already finished your first glass of plum wine and felt confident enough to go for another one since you were sure you could handle it. The alcohol had let your body relax and made it feel almost like your life's problems were melting away. How happy he had looked when he began talking about his beginning in hero word made your heart have palpitations.

The host swiftly set the platters down with a deep bow, quietly refilling your iced tea and using his hands to offer another glass of plum wine that was still sitting idly and half full on the table. You gave him a gentle nod in permission and he filled both yours and Hawks glasses before making himself absent from the room. You were grateful to his quick and seamless entry and exit, almost as if he was barely a shadow in the room.

The two of you both said your thanks and as soon as you took the first bite your body coiled in satisfaction. Whatever you had ordered was made to perfection and you couldn't help but shovel large quantities of it into your mouth, hiding your chewing with a hand. You were subconsciously knocking your knees together in delight while you ate. Hawks thought it was adorable, continuing his own meal in a quaint mood. After getting about a quarter of the way through your meal you understood why he was a regular here. You wondered how his hotpot tasted and wanted to ask until you looked up.

It was practically gone; he had shoveled the whole thing into his mouth and was now noisily slurping the broth from his bowl. You swallowed what was in your mouth and laughed, asking yourself how you found this manchild to be so attractive. You were impressed when he put the bowl down and gave a sigh of satisfaction before wiping his mouth with a napkin.

"I see why you're a regular here now." You commented, putting more of your food in your mouth.

He nodded and grinned, washing down his hotpot with his wine and reaching for the bottle of wine to pour himself another one. He had intended to go for a whole cup but when no more wine came out of the bottle after the glass was halfway full, a disappointed look crossed his face. He shook the bottle as if it was hiding more wine from him, fully prepared to order another bottle until he looked up and saw the look you were giving him.

He tossed you a sheepish smile and slowly put the bottle back down, casually watching you eat as your expression changed with each flavor. He thought it might be a good idea to talk while you were eating but was too entranced with how you looked in his jacket on top of your dress. You had done your best to roll up the thick sleeves once your food had arrived but it was a struggle so you were eating carefully in order not to get any of it on his favorite jacket. You could've destroyed that jacket and he wouldn't have been mad. He was already considering getting you a matching one but his mind drifted off further into a different realm.

He could already imagine you flying with him in a hero costume that you had asked him for help with, using your quirk to stop criminals before he could even get the chance. He pictured you starting a playful competition with him about who could save more people, or how you'd get his ass out of sticky situations he had stumbled into. His train of thought crashed off the rails there, breaking the fourth wall and seeing the outline of a small child, two tiny wings on either side. It was as if a movie was playing in his head, nevermind the fact that his eyes had drifted away from you and to the subtle constellations on your wings.

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