★ Sixteen

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I don't want safe. I want to lose myself completely within you. Run your perfectly rough hands through my tousled hair, bring my mouth to you kissing me hard under the heat of a thousand stars. Take my breath away, love me reckless.
~ n.r.h.

Track 17; I Want To by Rosenfeld

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His kisses were slow and toxic, lips slightly chapped yet they fit perfectly with your own. He was stealing your breath little by little and your head was getting foggy, a cloud settling over your nervous thoughts. The torturous nip on your bottom lip made goosebumps crawl up your spine, and your fingers subconsciously found purchase on his biceps. You felt him smirk as the hand holding your chin gently slipped down your neck, he could feel your heartbeat quicken under his fingertips. His free hand lightly touched your side and you shivered under his gentle touch. He trailed slowly down to the hem of your shirt and was soon holding your hip in his hand, his thumb catching slightly on the waistband of your shorts. Within a few moments his hand was traveling up your shirt, and he took a hold of your breast, his fingers sliding to your nipple and tweaking it gently.

You pulled away for a second to try and regain your breath, chest heaving slightly and mouth slightly agape. Hawks took this opportunity to slip his finger into your mouth and you sucked on it needily. Your heart skipped a beat when a low groan came from his throat and he bit his bottom lip. "Fuck, that's hot." Your eyes fell to half-lidded and you noticed the tent building in his sweats.

Hawks started getting impatient, he hadn't expected you to come out of your comfort zone so easily, but it just made him harder. You were definitely proving something to him, and he lost it for a moment. A predatorial growl rumbled deep in his throat and he slipped his hand from your breast to the underside of your right thigh, and his grip was strong. You were quickly yanked under him and he moved your hands from his arms and pinned them above your head.

His hand traveled slowly up your back and he grabbed the base of your wings, making a small yell escape your lips without your consent, and your face immediately ran hot. "Don't move your arms." He growled in your ear, following the command with a small bite on your collarbone. You nodded, and then you regretted it—you needed a hand to catch the drool slipping from the corner of your mouth.

Hawks' eyes were swarmed with a concoction of emotions you hadn't seen before, though the most viable one was lust. His calm brown eyes had a red tone to them, and his pupils were slowly shrinking to slits. He looked more like a raptor than a bird at that point, but if the dominating aura he held over you was a part of it, you didn't mind.

There had only been a flicker of a flame when the session first started, and to your surprise, Hawks took your tank top in his teeth, grabbing the fabric close by with a hand. It was the sound of your top ripping that made you gasp as his wings suddenly expanded and covered the two of you in a cocoon.

He let go of your shirt with his hand and pulled it out from under you with his teeth. When you made eye contact once again in the darkness, his eyes seemingly glowed. The next few moments were a blur as his mouth explored your body, starting from your throat and trailing down to your hips where your core was hot and aching for contact. He left hickeys in his wake, your skin burning with a fervent fire. He made sure to mark every exposed inch of you, either with little kitten licks, nibbles or kisses.

When his fingers started dragging your shorts down, you raised a leg and stopped him in his actions. "S-shouldn't we go to the bedroom?" You mumbled, stumbling over your words as you fought for breath.

"Why?" He purred, lowering his body over yours and running his hands up your partially exposed body, massaging the base of your wings again. "Nobody can see us in here, baby girl."

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