Twenty Three

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It's okay if you thought you were over it, but it hits you all over again. It's okay to fall apart even if you thought you had it under control. You're not weak. Healing is messy. And there's no timeline for healing.
~ Unknown

Track 24; Slamdance by DEAR-GOD

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"(L/N), go help him find Kota!"

"I'm on it!" You replied, ducking under the sword of the lizard guy when he swung it at you. "Be careful!"

The second you were in the air you felt the breath leave your lungs when panic ensued. Where the fuck did that kid go? Aizawa would have your ass served on a platter if anything happened to one of his students after he had directed you to keep an eye on them. You tried focusing on your senses to narrow down on where Midoriya had gone. The faint sound of crackling came from ahead of you.

You almost shouted in joy when you saw the flicker of green lightning. You pumped your wings to take off after the faint flashes in the distance but terror suddenly overwhelmed you when a huge, hot flash of blue suffocated the air behind you. You weren't sure exactly what caused you to blackout but within what seemed to be the blink of an eye your mind went blank.

Your wings stopped moving and against your will your body began to plummet towards the earth. What was that? The blue? Was it fire ? The trees blurred around you as you fell, morphing into that old familiar comfort of the apartment you were raised in.

You faintly remember bursting through the front doors of the bar after you got your provisional license for the first time, running up to the bar counter and slinging your backpack down on a stool before slapping the license down on the counter in front of your mom and dad. They practically screamed with joy and you reminisced on the taste of the dinner she made you that night; your favorite meal of all time.

The breath was knocked from your lungs when you hit the ground. Tears immediately began streaming from your eyes and you choked on air that you didn't have as you silently sobbed. You missed them so much. Your dad, your mom. You wished that neither of them had been taken from you, that things didn't turn out this way. Perhaps if you hadn't aspired to be a hero like your father they would still both be here today. Why were you forced to continue living and fighting a battle that you didn't consider to be worth it?

"What the fuck are you doing down there?!"

You were hyperventilating when that obnoxious voice caught your attention. You were on your back and rolled your head to the side to see Bakugo standing above you. Seeing the explosive boy with Icyhot close behind him, carrying a fallen student from Class 1-B seemed to snap you out of your mental break.

"Quit your fucking bawling you feathered freak and get off your ass! Didn't you hear that there are villains here?!"

Your body seemingly moved without your consent at his direction, sitting up. "S-sorry, I-" suddenly you were slammed into by a body, thrown back into the ground. You were a few feet away from your previous position, noticing that long, sharp blades were impaled into the ground.

"Hey half-and-half! Who's supposed to be ahead of us?" Bakugo asked, removing himself from on top of you and forcing you up to your feet.

"If I remember correctly it was Tokoyami and Shoji." Todoroki replied, shifting his hold on the unconscious peer he was holding.

The villain in front of you looked like he walked right out of a horror movie. He was wearing a large black straight jacket that was essentially a bodysuit. The only exposed part of his body was his mouth. It was held together by black restraints decorated with red spikes. There were metal clamps that came down across his cheekbones and up underneath his chin. They pulled at the inside of his lips, forcing his mouth to stay open and drool consistently. His teeth were replaced by long, grotesque blades; he was using them like legs to move around. He was oddly obsessed with the severed arm laying on the ground a good distance away from where you had just been. If Bakugo hadn't saved your ass you would've been presented like a shishkabob.

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