Barbie Bitches

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Blonde girls, you either love them or hate them in books, usually hate.

Blondes in books are always portrayed as the perfect girl and maybe that was the stereotype in the early 2000s but why is it still the stereotype today? Always bitchy barbies picking on the MC or stealing the love interest. What is it with having yellow hair and being mean?

Oh right right, because you're afraid to be original and reuse old cliches cause you're lazy.

Anytime I see a book and the "antagonist" is a blonde white girl with blue/green eyes, the perfect body, boys after her, always touching up her makeup/lip gloss in class, has two minions by her side, etc, I instantly lose interest. This is another reason I stay the hell away from teen fiction. I'm sorry but teen fic is often the worst offender next to YA and other romance. High schoolers cannot write high schoolers and it baffles me. 

I've seen readers even expect the blonde girl to be a bitch or some sort of backstabber if she's nice. Bleaching the shit out of your hair routinely damages your hair, not your personality and attitude. Stop thinking because a girl has blonde hair she MUST be a "barbie bitch".

A lot of times when the MC is either insulting the barbie in narrative or actually does stand up to the barbie, 9 times of 10 she says a dumb blonde joke or something about how all the hair bleach must be getting to her brain, and everyone around them, even readers too, act like it was such a severe burn. Ya'll can't even think of actually funny, creative roasts.

Similar to what I said in my rant about bullying, this early 2000s cliche of high school being written in modern, present settings makes no fucking sense. Society has changed so much since then.

Do better. Hey y'know maybe if you put as much work into your writing as your blonde girl does into getting ready in the morning before she arrives at school to bully the quirky MC for wearing glasses, you'd have a more interesting, intense, villain and story.

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