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Jungkook's Pov

"Good Morning hyung."

"Good Morning~~~"

Jin hyung ruffles my hair , as I sit on dining chair to have some delicious pancakes.

"Good Morning everyone."

"Good Morning hyung."

"Where is jisoo and rose?"

I look towards hoseok hyung on jin hyung's question.



Hobi hyung scratch his nape and take a chair in front of me , He is all styled in charcoal grey suit paired with bright white trainers . He has balanced his silhouette with a white shirt giving him a formal and casual look his hair is perfectly style.

I'm impressed , kai hyung will be too.

I smirk.

He gives me an awkward smile.

"They went for applying for leave , I guess?!"

"So , we leave first , while yoongi and jungkook can pick rose and jisoo on their way."

"Not a bad idea hyung."

Shiver runs down my spine , I look towards stairs and their he is.

"Good Morning everyone."

He greets in is morning deep voice.

Hoseok hyung and I slightly bow as a sign of respect while Jin hyung smiles , he sits in his usual place in the center of the table.

Jin hyung starts serving him.

"We will first visit someone on our way , then pick rose and jisoo and be right their."

"But be on time Yoongi?!"

Yoongi hyung nods while munching in his bed hair.

I'm no different.

Jin hyung leave us to devour erotic flavours breakfast made by him.

As he leaves hoseok hyung start giving hyung details about recent projects.

But something seems off.

After eternity....

Jin hyung enters dining room.

My jaw drops same goes for hoseokie hyung.

Yoongi hyung hums in approval.

He grins big looking satisfied by our reactions.

Damn no doubt he is most paid model in the world.

He is wearing simple half green alligator half white shirt paired with ripped white jeans and the green alligator or crocodile shoes , you must have some serious swag to pull this off
If you're not Elton John.
And to be clear I believe he can pull this off.

He looks towards hoseok.

Hoseokie hyung nods.

"I'm being clear here , I want you 'ON' time??!"

His voice.

Me and yoongi hyung nod in unison.

He ruffles my and yoongi hyung's hair.

"Drive safe!!"

"Don't worry hyung once you reach call us."

"Sure thing my little cute bunny."

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