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Not a chapter but please read.

Just making it clear it was said somewhere in the first couple chapters that Avery is brown.

I'm assuming people missed it because most are confused as to why I said it in my authors note in the previous chapter.

I said it because some people thought they were all white. Which is not true so I went back and added some stuff in so it would be clear that they are poc.

The characters aesthetic is just their aesthetic, not their face claim. I didn't really have anyone in specific for face claim so I just did their aesthetic because that made more sense to me.

Everyone has an imagination and it doesn't really matter how you imagined them because it's how you imagine them.

I live in the Carribbean so I grew up with a multi colored family and everyone around me are poc that's why Avery is brown.

In chapter 22- Favorite Cousin. I added in where Lorenzo is from and so as where Avery is from.

To anyone I may have hurt or disrespected I apologize. I'm so sorry if it offended you in any way.

Make sure and stay hydrated babes and again I apologize to anyone I have offended.


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