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9:07 am
Narrator's P.O.V
As Taehyung paced around his living room floor, he decided on what he should do next..

Should he call Yn and confront her about what he accidentally overheard?

Or should he call Yn and tell her about Taeyung's plans about her staying over for he week and, avoid the topic?

Before he could decide on anything, his phone started ringing, thinking that it was Yn, he quickly picked up the phone and said;



Jimin said slightly confused at Taehyung's sudden eagerness, and hearing that it was just Jimin, Taehyung's face fell and he asked with an annoyed undertone in his voice;

"Why are you calling me?"

"Aw why? Were you expecting someone else's call?"

Jimin asked teasingly while letting out a small laugh but when Taehyung didn't respond, he awkwardly cleared his throat and said;

"So.. I'm just calling in to see why you're not here yet. You're usually in by 8:00 sharp and you never came into work yesterday and that made the others and I worried so I-"

"I'm not going to work for the whole week."

"What? Why? Did something happen? Are you and Taeyung alright-"

"We're fine Jimin.. it's just, I made a promise to Taeyung that I wouldn't go into work this whole week-"

"Oohh! So does that mean I get to be in charge-"

"No, look. Call the others and tell them what's happening and I'll leave Namjoon in charge-"

"Oh why him? I want to be in charge of something too."

Jimin said with a pout and Taehyung facepalm and groaned as he said;

"Fine, Jimin you're going to be in charge of everyone working in today-"


"I want you to supervise everyone and see if they're working.. whomever isn't doing their assigned tasks, write them up and I'll have a meeting with them next week."

"Got it! This is going to be so cool-"

"Oh and one more thing.."

Taehyung paused as he was getting another call in and when he saw it, it was his mother. He frowned and let it a frustrated sigh as he quietly said;

"Hey.. I'll call you back. It's my mother."

"Oh, that's alright. I'll tell the others about this and call you later."

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