Chapter- 37

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Braelyn's POV

One second I was glancing at my watch and the next second I was pressed against the door. I didn't even realise when the door opened and when Evan had pulled me in.

"God, I missed you!" He muttered once we broke the kiss.

"Dramatic puppy!" I chuckled. He pulled away to take a proper look at my face and playfully smirked at me.

"What did you just call me?" The grin on my face stretched wider when he picked me up and carried me to his sofa. He sat down with me straddling him. I bent forward before attaching my lips to his.

I had missed this so much. Being so close to him, kissing him, cuddling with him. I could really melt at the amount of love I could see in his eyes as I stared at me.

"When are you moving in?" I shrugged at his question, loving the feeling of his hand weaving through my hair.

"Bri was asking the same thing. I think by the end of this week, I can move in." I had expected him to be glad at that. Instead a frown fell upon his face.

"That's a long time." I chuckled seeing him pout. Circling my hands around his neck, I rubbed my nose against his.

"No, it's not." He hummed in response before I remembered something.

"You heard from Ryan?" I asked, trying not to be distracted by his finger that was gently grazing the side of my face.


"About Bri." He narrowed his eyes for a small second as if thinking before giving a nod.

"Yeah, he wants to ask Brielle to be his girlfriend but he is being a pussy about it." He raised a brow when I chuckled in response.

"Why does this sound so familiar?" A look of realisation came upon his face.

"I take it it's the same with Brielle." I was nodding even before he had completed the sentence.

"Do you think we need to help?" He stared intently at my face before dragging his thumb across my lower lip.

"Maybe…" His voice had gone down a few notes, making it sound even hotter than usual.

"But not now." His warm breath was hitting the base of my neck. I released a shaky breath.

"Well I have decided something." That didn't stop his sweet torture.

"Can it wait?" He mumbled against my neck. I was seconds away from losing my senses to the warm feeling of his soft lips on my skin.

"No." He groaned before resting his forehead on my shoulder in exasperation.

"I forget it everytime." He sighed before pulling away and looking at me.

"Okay?" I took a deep breath to steady my thoughts.

"I am leaving my job here." His face was blank for a second before confusion took over.

"What?" His hold on my face loosened.

"My job. I will resign." I pressed my lips together, waiting for him to speak.


"I am looking for a job elsewhere. I have been called for an interview tomo-" I was cut off in the middle of the sentence.

"I want to know why." His patience limit had snapped which wasn't a hard accomplishment in fact.

"I…I just don't want to work here anymore." I shrugged.

"That's what I am asking. Nothing was wrong a few days back. What happened now that you-" He cut himself off, his face showing that some kind of realization had set in.

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