My Worst Nightmare

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"M-ax" was all i could mutter out which caused him to smirk. "Hello, Love".

Went from scared to angry "You have no right to call me that". his grin got wider. "Why, you love me". Was he joking? "No, I don't, I hate you!". His face turned to anger which made me lose all the confidence I just had. He reached into his waistband and pulled out a black object "Wrong answer sweetheart".

I jumped in front of the black object which I realized was a gun "please, what do you want from us!". He replied with a smirk on his face "YOU!". I moved back in horror. "It's been months, I thought you moved on". He looked at me with eyes as black as the night, emotionless. "I never moved on and I never will, your MINE and ONLY MINE". I was speechless. My thoughts went wild. Why is he back? How did he find me? Thought I got rid of him for life! Questioning myself until I heard a gunshot. I checked myself but suddenly came to the realization that he had moved the gun and shot my mum when I heard her scream underneath the tape. She squirmed around in the ropes trying to get free. 

I dropped to the floor and screamed "HOW COULD YOU. SHE'S ALL I HAVE". I looked over to my mum and tried to put pressure on her wound, I had blood all over my hands. "You either come with me with NO problems and I'll save her or you don't come willingly, and I put another bullet in her. Killing her". Without hesitation, I replied "I'll go". He smirked loving the power he had over me. "Wise choice". I looked away from him and went over to untie my mum from the ropes, she looked at me with pleading eyes "HELP HER!!!!". I hate him so much, how could he do this and not care? "Ask me nicely first!". I knew he was loving every moment of this. "pleasee help her". I plead him. "What do I get in return" was all he said back. Is he being serious, I could feel my mum's arms dropping, she was losing too much blood. "please I'll do anything". He paused and his smirk got even wider. "Kiss me!". I turned in shock but I knew I was running out of time, I rushed over to him and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. Kissing him makes me feel sick. 

He raises the gun at my mum again. "Do you want her to die?". I kissed him again but on the lips, as I was about to pull away, he slammed me against the wall. He tried to slip his tongue in but I turned my head stopping the kiss. His face turned to pure anger, he threw me to the floor. "You've had too many chances". What's that supposed to mean? Until he turns away from me, holding the gun up to my mum again. "NOOOOO" I screamed trying to get up off the floor. 'bang'. I ran over to her crying "I'm so sorry mum, please stay with me" she was bleeding in the stomach badly, blood was gushing out the two wounds. I got up to my feet and smacked him across the face leaving him with a slight red cheek. "You'll regret that, now come on we're done here". I stumbled back in shock, he wants me to leave my own mum here to die. "I'd rather die than go with you". He starts laughing taking steps closer to me "oh sweetie, you said you'd come with no problems. I was hoping to avoid this". Before I could register what he meant, it all went dark and I felt myself falling. The last thing I saw was the grin on his face.

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