Chapter 11

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After sending them all back to the Duke of Siegbert, I was able to return to my room and rest.

My head was throbbing and my mind was confused, this was probably because of the flu.

I really didn’t understand. Why did he send such presents for everyone to see?

Was he warning me?

“Nanny, bring me some notepaper and a pen.”

Maybe the purpose of the gifts is for me to decide a date and send it to him quickly.

“Yes, and His Majesty said you should have lunch together with him.”

“Father? Then I think I’ll have to change my clothes.”

Although the dress I’m wearing is comfortable, I couldn’t wear this dress when meeting my father and brother.

Because the traces of the villain still haven’t disappeared yet!

I had to wear a very stuffy-looking dress that would cover me from my neck to my ankles.

“Then what about brother? Will it be father only?

“His highness the crown prince will attend too.”

“Okay. Let’s write a letter first.”

How can I delay this as much as possible? Why was it so difficult to think of a plausible excuse for me to write?

Although I would meet him, I had to postpone the date as much as possible but wrote that the villain would be fully responsible for it.

So I made a perfect lie.

“Nanny. Send this to the Duke of Siegbert.”


I’ve finished one big problem today.

Now, all I had to do was drink tea, and play after eating lunch.

As expected, I liked being reborn as a princess because the lifestyle was amazing.

I was very happy with this kind of life. Where I was loved by my family and lived as a wealthy person without doing anything.

My dream in my past life was to be so rich I could live unemployed, and the dream came true in this life.


It’s sad that I don’t have a mother anymore, but I had a nanny, father, and brother who loved me very much so my mother’s absence was not felt.

My dad’s expression looked very serious.

“Dad, what’s going on today?”

I didn’t think anything big would happen, so I just sat in my usual seat.

“Yulia, I heard that the Duke of Siegbert sent you a present today.”

I started sweating and didn’t know what to say.

I thought of anything to say because I had to make excuses.

“I sent them all back!”

“Yulia, it’s very strange though. The Duke of Siegbert would never have seen you.”

Oh sh*t. Officially, I’ve never met the villain.

If we haven’t officially met, then I’ll just say we have.

“……It was Cecil’s birthday last time, so he might have attended the birthday party. I think I might have saw him for a while.”


“As you know, I’m very pretty!”

To be honest, this beauty was uncommon. The more I stare into the mirror, the more I wonder how the villain in the novel was so cold to such a beautiful woman. 

It didn’t make sense.

If such a beauty, who is also a princess, pursues you, shouldn’t it be worth paying attention too?

“Yeah you are. You look a lot like your mother.”

The immediate crisis seemed to have been avoided.

I smiled when my dad mentioned my mom.

In the past, he used to be in a lot of pain. 

“Yulia, it seems that you’ve received a gift, but this father already has a suitor.”


“The Duke of Siegbert looked like a man who would marry you even if it cost his life.”


There’s nothing good about being tied to a villain.

Even now, I’m caught in a weak spot so I can’t blatantly refuse him. Who dares think about marriage?

Anyway, he’s going to be obsessed with the heroine once he runs into her!

In the original, there was a phrase he said the moment he saw the heroine. 

-Young lady, have we met before? For example, when I was young.

At first, I didn’t know that he was the villian, since I read the book from the female lead’s perspective. In fact I read this because I liked sub male leads more than the male lead.

I was rooting for the villain.

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