Chapter 6

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"I’m screwed,” Juliana muttered to herself that night as she stared at the windowsill on which no sparrow was sitting on now.

After she closed the window, she hugged her shivering shoulders and paced around the room, her lips set in a straight line. Then she dived onto her bed and let out a strangled scream, flailing her limbs up in the air.


It was the middle of the night. Juliana didn’t want other people to hear and tell tales of the crazy Duchess so she stifled her own screams. However, even if she did this, she still didn’t feel relieved as she buried her face on her pillow.

“I knew Evan liked me but I never thought he would love me this much…”

Today she had tried to steer their relationship in the right direction by welcoming him home earlier but, come to think of it, from the very beginning, it had always been Evan who had desired Juliana Auburn.

“If I ask for a divorce, he will never agree…?” mumbled Juliana gloomily.

‘Love at first sight’ is what the novel said. When Juliana was younger, she frequently visited Duke Hilchen. That must have been when the male lead, Evan Hilchen, saw her.

What on earth did I do that he fell in love at first sight?

Juliana lazily sat up and stared at her reflection in the mirror opposite her.

“…really pretty.”

As a child, Evan Hilchen had been an illegitimate offspring who was abused and hidden away and thus had no meaningful contact with others. In short, at one glance, he had become enamored of Juliana Auburn.

Juliana Auburn was beautiful enough that anyone with eyes, not just Evan Hilchen, could easily fall in love with her at first sight. Dark red hair flowed down to her waist in waves like a meandering river. She had a delicate face and a swan-like neck. In addition, her remarkable bronze eyes shimmed brightly.

The important thing was that Juliana Auburn had the face of an angel but the heart of a devil. A person like her who had been selfish since childhood would have had no reason to be kind to Evan. Then why did he like Juliana?

Juliana tried to think of herself objectively but no matter how she looked at it, the only thing good about herself was her looks. Is this what they mean by far-fetched plot device? 

“…ah, I just don’t know.”

The evil deeds have already been done and the death flags have been planted. It was no use regretting it now. Juliana closed her eyes and tried to think.

The most important thing is that the male lead is crazy about me. I didn’t know how deep his feelings were so I tried to test it today…he’s more openly affectionate than I thought he would be. Oh, right. In order to get his wife’s approval, he went off to war for a year… I can’t figure out why. Is it really because he fell in love with my appearance at first sight?

Juliana got up and sat in a lotus position like a meditating monk but, because her knowledge of the future was sparse, she was really more like a fraud. Then she leaned her cheek upon her hand and frowned in confusion. 

“His beloved tried to poison him. This is the male lead’s number 1 heartbreaking past background event.”

In addition, that was one of the evil deeds that justified Evan Hilchen in killing Juliana Auburn in self-defense.

“That’s unfair. There’s no way I’m going to kill you!” said Juliana bitterly as she covered her face with her hands.

Never. There’s no way she would follow the novel’s plot in the future. She didn’t want to be executed after being put on trial for the attempted murder of Duke Hilchen. At the same time, she didn’t want to be the male lead’s past heartache number 1.

“I’m glad that I remembered I was reincarnated before the novel’s story started…”

Juliana was determined to think of a plan even if she had to stay up all night long. Then after thinking about it for a long time, she looked up at the morning star that had risen. 

At that moment, her eyelids were feeling quite heavy so she closed them. She only wanted to rest for a little while but she couldn’t help but fall asleep.

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