XXIX. Playlist

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Check that money-making bank account number (yikes)

That's that shit that's never getting bounced on ya

Bitch, I do the money dance, I just made a hundred bands

When the store says "Sign for it, " I'ma leave my autograph

With hands filled with paper bag strings, Sunoo walks out of a retail store inside the mall. With his newly purchased clothes and the gift he bought for his friend, Sunoo went on his way to find Niki.

Earlier today, Niki picked Sunoo up from his apartment - both of them wanted to go to the mall, but for different reasons.

"Where is that boy? Didn't he say we'd meet here?" Sunoo uttered. They arrived at the mall at 1 pm - and agreed they'll meet up again by 2.

While waiting a bit more, Sunoo decided to check the items he had bought once more. A jacket, a polo, a pair of pants, 2 pairs of new shoes and a belt to complete the look. Each item had its own paper bag - you can say that Sunoo spent quite a lot on this.

It's almost as if he was the one with the birthday.

He checked one more bag. The bag contains another pair of shoes - but this time he had bought for his most favorite hyung.

He smiled, thinking that the birthday boy will surely love the gift.

Sunoo then checked the time and sees that it is already 2:05. Being the impatient person he is, he tapped his foot repeatedly. Punctuality and orderliness are traits that he had learned to uphold now that he is in college - and those traits are emphasized even further by the fact that he is a law student.

Lawyers are needed to be punctual in the court - thus Sunoo carries this practice over to his personal life.

Finally, after 6 minutes of waiting - or 6 hours in Sunoo time - Niki arrived at the meet-up place.

"Where were you?? You know I don't like-"

"Yeah yeah you don't like being late. Chill, we have plenty of time to get to the party. I'm pretty sure Heeseung hyung has only just received the message from Jake hyung that there's 'an emergency'". Niki answered calmly.

Niki smiled at Sunoo. The older's little tantrums and panics were very funny and cute.

"You still haven't answered my question." Sunoo said once more.

"What, are you examining me or something? Asking me questions like we're in a court?" Niki chuckled.

"Yes. Yes, I am." Sunoo responded.

"Well, I was at a coffee shop while waiting for 2 pm, when suddenly-"

Their conversation was interrupted by someone who had tapped Niki's shoulders. Sunoo looked at who that was, and he sees a boy roughly around the same age as them.

"Oh, hello again Dongyun." Niki greeted his friend.

"Who's this?" Sunoo thought and glared.

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