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Yn's P.O.V

"Yeah, sure I'll just move right in with my boss and his son."

I say sarcastically as I let out a light laugh but when I see the look on Mr. Kim's face, I can tell that he's actually SERIOUS about me moving in and realizing this, I immediately shook my head at his question which he looked a little hurt by but I continued;

"N-No.. No I.. I can't. I don't have any money, I can't pay you back-"

"This isn't about money. This about you, Yn. I don't want you sleeping in the streets-"

"I'll just stay in a homeless shelter-"

"No, what if something happens to you-"

"Look.. I really appreciate what you did for me back there.. I really do but I can't just move in with you guys, you've done so much for me already and.. No, I-I can't-"

"Honestly Yn  it's the least I could do and besides I know Taeyung-"

"What about me Appa?"

I jumped and that's when I see that Taeyung had woken up from his nap and now he was rubbing his eyes.

"It's nothing-"

I tried saying but Mr. Kim smirked as he says;

"Actually... baby bear, Miss Yn and I can't agree on something. Can you help us?"

He asks and I glare at him as he asked Taeyung;

"What do you think about Miss Yn moving in with us?"

By the look on Taeyung's face, he definitely wanted me to move in but before he could even say anything, I quickly look at Taeyung in the rearview mirror and say;

"Taeyungie.. I'm trying to tell your Appa that I can't just stay with you both because.. well.. that won't look.. right-"

"Sure, it'll be alright. You can sleep in my Appa's room and he'll take the couch-"

"What? N-No.. Taeyung.. listen to me, I CAN'T stay with-"

"All in favor of Yn moving in?"

Taehyung suddenly asked and he and Taeyung immediately raised their hands.

What? I thought Taehyung wouldn't want this.

I looked at him suspiciously but he avoids eye contact with me as he and Taeyung were smiling.

Taehyung's P.O.V
As I feel Yn looking my way, I try and avoid her her suspicion gaze and start thinking about why I even asked her to move in with us anyways, I don't want her to live with us, I'm only doing this because of Taeyung.

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