Chapter 12

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Yulia's POV:

I had a disease that made me like sub male leads, so I cheered for him until it was revealed that he was a villain.

Above all, the reason I liked him the most was that he didn’t bat an eyelid and only looked at the female lead, even though the pretty princess followed him around and kept saying how much she liked him.

-We can understand each other. You and I know the pain of losing someone precious.

I felt so sad when I heard that. I was cheering until it was revealed that he was a villain.

Even when the scene of killing all her family members and taking the throne appeared in front of Princess Yulia, all I thought was, “wow he was a villain.”

I had no idea the seriousness of the action.

Until I was reborn as Princess Yulia. 

“……Dad, you don’t want me to marry soon, do you?”

“If you don’t like it, I can’t help it, but I don’t think there’s a better son-in-law than the Duke of Siegbert.”

“The Duke of Blair.”

“Well, Duke Blair is not a bad son-in-law.”

Then I heard the door open, maybe my brother came.

“Didn’t you say I was the most handsome person in the past?”


In fact, my favorite character in the novel was Yulia’s brother.

He was a typical older brother who loved his younger sister very much and did not stop her from chasing the villain, whom she liked.

So he was as popular as the villain, but in the end, he was an unfortunate extra who ended up with his neck cut off by the villain.

“When did you change your taste?”

“Of course, you’re still the most handsome!”

“Yeah. Don’t ever get married. I’ll live with you forever.” 

Such a harmonious family was destroyed when Yulia met the villain.

Because Yulia liked the villain, she found it okay to follow him.

Finding his daughter’s behavior lovely, the Emperor decided to marry her with the villain. 

However, the action caused tragedy.

So, I just didn’t have to like the villain. I could protect my family if I wasn’t obsessed with him and followed him around.

While receiving such overwhelming love from my family, I could marry someone who did not appear in the original story.

Or I could just not marry anyone.

It’s a little risky to have a one night stand with the villain, but he’ll probably stop paying attention to me the moment he meets Cecil.

“But when will you get married?”

Now that I think about it, my brother didn’t have a fiancé even though he was the Crown Prince.

And even after a few years of adulthood, there was still no fiancée. It was strange.

“Shouldn’t you be treated like a Crown Prince? Dad! When are you going to get brother married?”

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