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9:00 pm
Taehyung's P.O.V
After I served the hot water into mugs, I bring those mugs to the kitchen island and set them down slowly and that's when I noticed that we just needed spoons, so when I turn around to get 2 spoons, I hear Yn get up and walk towards the island and then I hear her opening the cotainer of chocolate powder.

As I got the two spoons, Yn was sitting down waiting for her spoon and that's when I decided to pop the question;

"So... do you want some cookies with your hot chocolate"

"Um.. sure."

I nodded and as she was mixing around the powder inside her mug, I decided to make some small talk with her, as I handed her some cookies from our cookie jar.

"Yn.. do you live here by yourself?"

I asked while take a bite out of a cookie and she shook her head;

"No? I'm with you, aren't I?"

I have her a puzzled look before I saw the tinest of smiles on her face.. and that's when I realize that she's only messing with me.

"That's not what I.."

"I know.. and to answer your question. Yes, I do live alone."

I looked at her with concern as she tone of voice seemed... bitter.

She catches me staring at her and coldly says;

"Now can I ask you something-"

"You just did."

I say, trying to lighten the tense atmosphere up but she just rolls her eyes at me while drinking her hot chocolate.

Seeing that she was serious, I cleared my throat and awkwardly said;

"Yes.. you can ask me something."

She nods and as I'm taking a big gulp of my hot chocolate, she looks me in the eye and asks;

"Alright... why did you bring Taeyung with you?"

I looked at her in shock as I spit out my hot chocolate onto the island and started coughing into my elbow.

While I was coughing, Yn just sat there drinking her own hot chocolate, waiting for me to calm down and when I did, I answered her question.. with other question;

"W-What do you mean?"

She sighs before harshly whispering;

"Don't play dumb, you know what I mean! He heard everything earlier-"

"Well, what was I suppose to do? Leave him at home-"

"Couldn't you just call one of his Uncles or something? I mean I don't understand why you would bring him along with you-"

"I was worried about you, okay?!"

I say loudly and I see her flinch again so I go other to the other side of the kitchen and take a deep breathe before continuing in a calmer tone;

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