𓃠ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴏɴᴇ𓅓

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"Stupid history test" you mumble to yourself as you storm into your room with tears falling down on your face.

You have gotten a bad score on the history test once again, and your parents scolded you for it.

Some might think, that history isn't a hard subject.

But imagine living in a country whose history is seven thousand years old.

Yes, others got the full marks, but getting a bad mark is the cause of your frustration and tears.

The test was about the pharaoh, Maathotep whose reign was known for being powerful and brutal at the same time.

He has five sons and one daughter, all from the same wife.

However, all his sons died in wars, leaving his daughter the only surviving child.

His era is hard for you to memorize due to the dates, however, you understand the events, not the dates.

And the test was mostly about dates.

You envy the pharaoh's daughter.

It is mentioned, that she was the main reason for the war happening between Babylon and Egypt.

All because the king of Babylon kidnapped his daughter.

You could just imagine how Maathotep loved his daughter just to wage a war for her.

Sometimes, you wish you were the beautiful, intelligent, beloved daughter of Maathotep...

Right now, you are pulling your study tablet out of the back to recharge, only to see it light up with a massage.

Update History

Yes                            No

You don't think much of it, as you believe it is just the education government trying to update something in the history subject.

You press yes, then put in the charger, before changing into comfortable clothes.

"Time to take a nap" you mumble, before turning off the lights and sleeping under the covers.

A nap just until your mother finishes cooking.

However, you don't fall asleep.

You blackout.


"What is the matter, your royal highness?" You stare at the handmaiden with a terrified look on your face.

You don't understand what she is saying at all.

What is more horrifying for you is the fact that you woke up in a strange place and a strange body.

The silver mirror which was given to you showed a completely different person.

A girl with long curly dark brown hair, and light brown eyes, her skin is medium color and soft, while her lips are light pink and shaped like a heart, and a Mediterranean nose.

(If that's how you already look then ignore these two sentences.)

You pull on your hair, as panic crawls up your skin.

"Calm down, my princess" another handmaiden tries to calm you down but you move away from her in fear.

"Stay away from me!" you exclaim, causing them all to look at you in confusion at what you just had uttered.

"What is going on here?"

The handmaidens quickly bow their heads and look at the flower as a tall handsome man enters the chamber with two men following him.

He is dressed as a pharaoh, wearing a Khepresh (ancient Egyptian crown) he is dressed in a half-pleated kilt wound around the body with a pleated section drawn to the front.

"What is going on here, did we not agree to cause any more problems, Neith?"

You assume that the pharaoh is speaking to you as he is only looking at you with his sharp gaze.

When he tries to touch you, you flinch away, thinking that he is going to hurt you.

Maathotep frowns at you, displeased with your wary behavior.

He tries to grab you, but you slap his hand away from you.

"Stay away" you exclaim.

When he finally gets hold of your arms, you slap him across the face, shocking everyone in the room.

One of the handmaidens quickly approaches the man with fear.

"Your highness, Maathotep, are you all right?!"



That only means that the person you slapped is the brutal pharaoh of Egypt, Maathotep.

And the body you are possessing is the body of his daughter, Neith.

"You have made a grieve mistake, child"

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