-Chapter Fourteen-

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Leo already found the room 126 room and he knock it

*knock knock*

Just wait here Alice I gonna open who's knocking

Alice friend open the dook and she shock there a guy in front on her

Am hi sir, am what are you doing here and maybe you have been wrong room you get in hehehe... Alice friend said

Well..The real is that Im going take Alice here and I want her to go home now Leo said

Wait!! Your Alice boyfriend!! Well I'm sorry I didn't know it's was you well sure you can take her hahaha Alice friend said

*What she talking about? What did she mean that I'm Alice boyfriend? Leo POV*

Am yeah..yeah I'm Alice boyfriend hehehe Leo said

Am Alice by the way your boyfriend it here and he want you to take you home right now

Wait his here already? Sigh find I'm going home right now but maybe some days maybe we can meet again, also I really miss you already Alice said

Yeah same too I really also miss you and sure maybe we meet again

Yeah and ok I gonna go now, bye Alice said

Alice and Leo go home right now
(At Leo's car)

Alice why you didn't tell me that you wanted to meet your friend today? Leo said

Well I'm very sorry if I didn't mean to tell to you and next time I gonna tell you if I have something to go but please don't be mad at me Alice said

Ok, I'm not mad at you but you promise you never do it again if you never ask permission on me Leo said

Yeah I promise Alice said...

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