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an easy explanation to why her entire closet is spread out on her unmade bed. And why only half the bathroom is packed up. And why what is packed is in unmarked cardboard boxes all over her apartment.


That's right. Spencer's ex-apartment. As in the former apartment, as in no longer inhabiting said apartment.

Spencer's got a new apartment — Thank you SHIELD settlement money! Spencer guesses this is what happens after every serious kidnapping event -- SHIELD tries to cover it with money. And they did. Sufficiently. Well.

So Spencer's moving out. Getting away from this godforsaken building that she keeps having nightmares in, and this stupid city, that she has a tendency for getting kidnapped from.

And from the entire country, actually. The continent, too.

"Wow, this is a mess."

Spencer turns away from folding her NASA t-shirt — a "sorry you keep getting kidnapped" gift from Bruce — and places it in the brown box.

"Yeah," Spencer laughs out. She's trying not to sound stressed. "It's kinda... a nightmare."

Wanda eyes her carefully, clearing a little spot on the corner of the mattress to sit. "Cold feet?" she guesses.

Spencer rolls her eyes and throws a sweater at her.

"Not even a little," Spencer promises. "If anything," she shrugs, picking up a new article to fold, "I have warm feet. Burning, actually. Ready to run."

Wanda laughs. "Don't tell Pietro that," she advises her. "He talked about wanting to go on runs with you again."

Spencer deadpans. "I would rather get kidnapped. Again."

This time, Wanda throws something at her.

"It looks strange in here," Wanda remarks, eyeing the empty bedroom walls and shelves. Her eyes fall back to Spencer. "It feels like a ghost town."

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