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It's 2:37 AM, and I'm almost convinced this place is fucking haunted.

Maybe, just maybe, it's the other agents that are here. But I seriously doubt that.

I have heard footsteps that stop randomly, eerie echoes, I swear I have heard children laughing. I want to die.

I finished painting the top of the mural, and blending it with the rest that I have already painted. I'm also having a mild panic attack in the elevator because I have to bring Luca his fucking step-stool back.

"Holy shit." I jump when the elevator suddenly stops.

I should've started praying earlier.

The doors open back to the long hallway of the third floor, and I start walking fairly quickly towards Luca's office.

I pass by the lounge and no one is there. Nobody. Not a single heartbeat. For the love of all things good, I hate this.

I keep walking, faster this time, but almost pause when I hear something. Footsteps. I hear fucking footsteps behind me.

I take a peek over my shoulder, and the footsteps stop and there's nothing there. Fuck no. I'm going insane.

I sprint to Luca's door, and open it without knocking. Taking a large step in, I shut and lock the door with the keycard I have attached to my pants pocket.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I look at a tired Morelli, with his jaw resting on his fist.

"I brought your step stool back." I hold it up, my chest also heaving from running. "And your facility is fucking haunted."

I place the stool down with a thud, and lean my back against the door, sliding until my butt hits the floor, my legs pulled up against my stomach. I lay my head on my knees and try to calm down my heart beat.

"And why do you think this place is haunted?"

I look up and the corner of his lips are tilted up, with a furrow between his eyebrows. This asshole is amused.

"I swear on my mother, I have heard giggling children, and footsteps following me in the hallway." Shaking my head, I take a deep breath. "I'm never staying here late again."

"Y'know, I've watched all of the Conjuring movies, including the Annabelle ones, even La Llorona, because that's somehow part of the series, and I have never believed a ghost to be evil. But tonight, nope, something was trying to suck the soul out of me in that hallway." I run my hand through my hair, my fingers getting stuck in a small knot. I hate it when that happens, I literally brush my hair ten times in the morning and it never gets everything smooth.

Maybe the ghost tangled my hair.

I blink a few times before realizing what I did. "Ignore everything you just heard, I rant when I'm scared."

He shrugs with a blank face, spinning his chair side to side, "It was already forgotten."

Ouch, that was a good one. I huff a laugh before shifting my gaze towards a plant in the corner of the room. "Is that plant fake?" I ask.

"No? Why?"

"Just thought everything in your vicinity would shrivel up and die." I shrug, looking at him and mimicking his movements from before.

He rolls his eyes before making them land on me, "What are you still doing in here?"

"Your team has disappeared and I am not going back out there with the ghost unless I have a bodyguard the size of a T-Rex."

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