-Leo and Alice happy moments- Chapter Eighteen

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(At the Heiro's Company)

Now we're here now, so we need to get out in the car and let me open for you the door Leo said

Am thank you Leo Alice said

So hold my hand and let go to my office Leo said

Am but Leo but...a..m.. so shy to hold your hand Alice said

Why you should to shy at me cause im you boyfriend right Leo said

Eh but we only pretend that two of us are already in relationship but we are not true couple you think Alice said

I know we are not official couple but you need to hold my hand or else I never allow you to in event you talking about last night Leo said

Sigh, ok fine Alice said

Leo and Alice already inside the company and lot of the employees was shock that Leo have a girlfriend

Wait Mr.Leo have a girlfriend now OMG I'm so shock about this Employee #10 said

Yeah I know right girl I can't believe on this employee #15 said

Am Alice don't even mind them and don't try to look at them just think no one here and we need to rush faster go to my office Leo said

Am.. ok Alice said

*Is so embarrassed when I'm holding Leo's hand and lot of his employees look at me and they said Leo is official in relationship now Alice POV*

(At Leo's Office)

Sigh, finally we're here now Leo said

Well Alice you may sit there and if you bored there's a books you want to read or else you can borrow my laptop cause I have a lot to do today cause dad tell me he have something send me a lot of documents to do Leo said

Oh ok but i promise I never disturb when you working and I know you can do it Alice said

Hehehe thanks Alice I know your the best woman I even know since where only a classmate before I know your the woman make me happy always Leo said

Wait? really your very happy at me? Alice said and she was blushing also

Yeah Alice I really really like you since's before I met you Leo said

Am...I..can believe that you really like me and yeah I kinda have feelings at yo but I cannot said it you before cause if I confess at you maybe you will reject me Alice said

Hahaha.. me reject you how I gonna reject you and also still remember this I never reject you who way you are and also I know you are a kind, precious woman and a lovely person I ever seen Leo said

Am Leo I'm so happy that I hear that for you and also I'm happy that I met you before I know that before that your so jerk person because you always wink at me but that real on that, you are a kind and you work hard and your also a sweet person I know Alice said

Am Alice I know we already reveal our feeling but...
Will you be my girlfriend? Leo said

Wait what?
Me to be your girlfriend?
Hahaha yes of course why not Alice said

Leo and Alice are true couple now❤️‍🔥

-Continue at Chapter Nineteen-

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