Chapter 52- the search

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Ember runs down into the common room where George is sitting on the sofa arguing with Kenneth.

"That doesn't make it okay!!", shouted Kenneth.

George threw up his hands. "Angelina hasn't talked to me for weeks! What was I supposed to do?!?"

"Uhm, maybe not be a dickhead for once", Kenneth laughed.

Ember interjected. "Guys?"

George turned around from staring at Kenneth. "Emberlynn"

Kenneth nodded. "Hey"

"Didn't mean to interrupt but uh, have either of you seen Fred?"

George shrugged. "He still is ignoring me so I have no idea"

Ember twisted her lips and looked to Kenneth. "Do you know where he could be?"

"Well the last time I seen him he was talking to Lee. He might know"

"And where would Lee be around this time?", asked Ember.

George cocked his head towards the stairs. "In our dorm. He kicked us out about an hour ago"

Ember nodded, "Thanks guys!", she said before she began to run up the stairs.

"Knock before you enter!", yelled George.

"You'll be scarred forever if you don't!", Kenneth yelled after.

Ember laughed and kept running up the steep stairs. Once she got up to the door she knocked a couple times like the boys said to. She could immediately hear rustling on the other side of the door, and faint whispers.

"One second!", yelled Lee's recognizable voice.

"Lee, it's me!", shouted back Ember.

The door opened, "Oh hey Em", Lee smiled.

Ember laughed. "I just came to ask if you know where Fred might be"

"Oh yeah, this morning he told me he had plans with Neville. Neville was supposed to help him with some Herbology homework"

Ember nodded. "Do you think they're still in the greenhouse?"

"Mmm I don't know. It was kinda early when he left so he might be. But you know even if Fred isn't, Neville is", Lee assured.

Ember smiled. "That's true. Okay, thanks Lee. Talk to you later!"

"Good luck!", Lee said closing the door.


Ember strolled into the greenhouse and immediately sees Neville across the way studying the leaves of a Belladonna plant.

Neville heard her footsteps and looked up. "Emberlynn, hi!"

Ember grinned and walked towards him. "Hey Nev! Whatcha doing?"

"Trying to figure out what makes these plants usable for medical practices. And you?"

"Looking for Fred actually. I heard from Lee that you were supposed to help him with Herbology homework this morning?", she questioned.

He nodded. "Yep. We finished a while ago. He told me he was going to go find Angelina somewhere in the library"

Ember made a face. "Angelina Johnson?"

Neville nodded. "Yeah. Apparently she was having trouble with the homework too so he was going to give her some help"

Ember felt her heart start to race. "Interesting. Well I think I'll go to the library and find him"

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