Chapter 13

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Juliana Auburn, and the Marquis of Auburn, had a lot of money.

And the huge dowry she brought with her came from the Golden Mine on the edge of the mountain owned by the Marquise’s family.

Even on the other side of the mine, there were ruins and the remains of a dead dragon scattered all over the ground. The archaeological heritage site belonged to the Auburn family for generations because the Marquises had a good foothold.

Even the noble archaeologists of the Imperial Palace knocked on the door of the House of Auburn, saying they would study the dragon’s pieces every summer. Of course, paying part of the cost of transportation and research was also included.

Therefore, the house of Auburn grew up to become one of the few wealthiest of the empire, and Juliana Auburn, the only daughter of the house of Auburn, was a woman who grew up with the wealth to her heart’s content.

When she was married to the Ducal family of Hilcheon, she said she would not spend the money of the ‘Dirty illegitimate bastard,’ and played with the money she had brought with her.

Naturally, as a Duchess, the Duchess of Hilcheon’s financial status was not examined, and she simply stayed at the Duke’s residence like a guest who was playing in the middle of the summer.

The only thing she did well was to keep her hands off the Duke’s money.

Not long after the Duke returned, however, Duchess Juliana Auburn began to touch on the property of the Duke of Hilcheon.

Of course, it was a bad play.

People finally shook their heads that the Duchess was on the path to becoming a true wicked wife.

And meanwhile, there was a man who heard the rumor and knocked on the Duke’s gate in one month.

It was Marquis Hilden Auburn.

He was the opposite of his daughter, a round, blunt man, unlike his daughter, who boasted a fine rose-like beauty.

Moreover, he even had an innocent impression that he would not harm anyone after his belly came out and he went bald as he got older.

He loved his daughter so much that he carried her on his back until she walked on two feet and was taller than a princess.

And he’s never regretted it once, and only a bit today. On a day like today when his daughter was overdoing things.

“Hmm, hmm!”

Hilden Auburn had no time to see his son-in-law, so he stopped by the Duchess of Hilcheon at the time when Evan might have gone to the Knights of the Imperial Palace.

Looking around, he waited for permission in front of his daughter’s tightly locked door.

If he had a temper, he would’ve either opened the door vulgarly and got angry or cried with tears (The Marquis of Auburn usually thrilled his daughter in the latter way.), but he could not do such a thing to the mistress of the Duke’s castle.

As he stood at the door as calm as possible, Juliana spoke in a slow voice belatedly.

“Father, long time no see.”

Surprisingly, Juliana opened the door herself.

His daughter, who appeared in front of his belly, was more beautiful than usual. No, it was too flashy, like a poisonous rose that caught the eye and took a life.

The colorful and luxurious dress and lavishly decorated ornaments sparkled brilliantly with a hazy winter glow.

The necklace that matched the thick red rouge was ruby, and white diamond earrings glistened on her ears. The dark red hair that came down to the waist was as brilliant as the rose petals that did not wither even in winter.

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