Ice Cream

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"Good morning." Peter whispered into Valen's ear to wake her up.

Valen snuggled her head closer into his chest. She didn't want to get up just yet. Peter chuckled and played with her hair. They were in his bed after staying out on the fire escape way too long.

"Aunt May is cooking." Peter whispered again.

Valen shook her head no. She knew that it meant that it would probably be burnt. She was not willing to get up for burnt food.

"I know you're thinking she's gong to burn it, which is probably true. That's why I'm going to go help her."

Peter started to slither away from Valen's arms. Valen tightened her grip to try and get him to stop moving. He successfully stood up and dropped her arm. It fell onto the bed with a plop. Valen rolled over in defeat and put the blanket back up over her shoulder. Peter walked over to the door when Valen very tiredly turned her head to look at him.

"Hey." She whispered.

Peter stopped reaching for the door handle and looked at her. "Yeah?"

"I love you." She said with her eyes closed.

Peter softly smiled and went back over to Valen to kiss her forehead.


Steve stood in the corner with his arms crossed as Fury kept interrogating Ivan Alekseev. Ivan had been quiet the past few days, not uttering a single word to anyone. No matter what threat he was faced with, he stared coldly into Nick Fury's eye.

"You think you're so tough by not saying a word. You know where you're going if you don't corporate."

Steve took a step forward away from the corner. "Fury, maybe we should call it a day."

"Rogers, this man has information we need. We can not simply keep calling breaks just because he won't talk back." Fury turned to look back at Ivan. "We will get you to talk."

"Valen." Ivan smirked at Fury's furious face.

"What did you just say?"

Ivan didn't respond. He continued to stare at Fury knowing he knows what he has requested.

Fury sucked in a breath of air. "Go get the girl."

"I think we should think about this." Steve took another step. He knew this was going to go badly if they involved Valen.

"I said go get the girl. Now."

Steve didn't speak back. He stood for a few seconds hoping Fury would change his mind. But like a good solider, he left the room to go to the Avengers Compound.

Natasha was outside listening when Steve walked out of the room. "Are you seriously going to go get her?"

"Ivan won't talk without her."

"She almost killed him last time she saw him. Can we trust that she won't actually do it this time? I mean I would love for him to no longer be our problem, but..."

"We have to try. I'll be with her the whole time."

"Valen will freeze you like a popsicle to get what she wants."

"She won't freeze me." Steve said proudly and confidently.

Nat snickered. "She froze your hand to a chair and your feet to the ground before. The feet part was just because she didn't want to run."

"Then you'll talk to her before she goes in. Explain that we need her."

"I can do that. Now go before Fury kills him first."

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