the success

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Your pov

It's been a few weeks since izuku, Shoto and I released "I'm Ready".

We have wrote a few songs for a full album but we couldn't finish them in time so we set on just releasing an EP dubbed infinity. Had 5 songs: infinity, Alice by the hudson, pitchfork kids, 3 AM, and a remix of I'm ready that we made to celebrate it's popularity.

It was a success. We finished the other unfinished songs, but we needed one more song for the full album before we can release it.

Me: any ideas Maki?

Maki: no, but I know you'll figure it out. I'm gonna go out with the girls

She kissed my cheek and I blush

Maki: bye

Me: bye

I sat at my music PC and just listened to an orchestra in the background. At the start there was an overture of all the songs




That's it, we'll make an overture.

I get into a call with Shoto and izuku.

Izuku: yo

Shoto: hey

Me: I found out what our next songs gonna be.

Izuku: really?

Me: yeah.


It's been 3 days since that call and I've gotten 4 hours of sleep... In total. My blood is now coffee and 6 hour energy drinks and my bones are non-existent.

Maki: babe, you need sleep.

Me: that's what you think.

Maki: you know what.

I just sat in my chair when I was knocked out by Maki.

Maki pov

I carry him up to his room and I lay next to him.

Me: you need to see a fuckin doctor after that god damn sleep schedule fuckery of a stunt you just pulled.

I see that his computer is still on and he's been working on the music. I take a listen to it.

This. Is. Amazing. Overture, like what they do at the start of a play or a performance?... He's gonna make this the first song on the album isn't he. After thirsty I didn't think it could get a crazier, guess I was wrong.

I lay back down next to him and kiss him on the forehead. He's gonna be sleeping for a while. I turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Time skip your pov

Today's the day we dropped the album. And it was a hit, surprisingly.

We even got a deal with a company that makes vinyl records to produce the album as a vinyl collection.

I can't believe all of this is real. I have a girlfriend that I love, my 2 brothers(not actually, but by heart), and my music.

We decided to release a single for the popularity of our album.

And we eventually got a deal with Hasbro to let them plaster the song on all of their ads. Fun.

I decided to settle down and give my self a month or so break.

Me: where my haters where my haters, I don't gottem, I'm not famous no.... GOD DAMNIT!

Maki: what happened? Are you ok?

Me: I'm supposed to be on break but I just came up with a new song idea and uuuuuuuugh.

Maki: them write it down and wait untill your break is over to finish that idea.

Me:... I'm gonna make it now.

Maki: god fucking damnit.

After a couple days of basically no sleep the three of us made a song called "I'm not famous".

I flopped onto mine and Maki's bed and just go basically brain dead.

Maki: dummy.

Me: tsun-tsun~

Maki: shut up.

Me: proving my point~

Maki just dragged me to my pillow but I lay my head on her breast and fall asleep.

Maki pov

It's like he's addicted to making music. Akin to smoking or drugs. As long as he's mentally ok.

I then rest my head on my pillow as I feel him snuggling my breast.

This cute little dumbass is going to be the end of me.

End chapter

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