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Jeongin woke up to the sound of his phone ringing, the Omega wanting to curl up further in his nest and ignore it.

Chan had given him some space, letting Jeongin rest before Hyunjin was over. The Omega was stressed, his anxiety high as he waited for anything on Taehyun, unfortunately they hadn't gotten anything yet.

With a sigh he rolled over grabbing his phone and answering it, not bothering to check the caller ID.

"Hello?" He mumbled softly eyes still closed as his head rested against the pillow.

"Eomma Inniee." He heard a small voice cry, the Omega shot up eyes snapping open as he quickly slipped off the bed. "Taehyun? Is that you baby!?" He asked shakily, already throwing on his jacket. "Innie, I'm scared." Taehyun cried on the other line.

"The scary man took me Innie, he said he would come back but I was scared so I left." Taehyun whimpered out, sobs leaving the boy.

"Hey, hey its okay Tae. Can you tell me what's around you baby?" Jeongin asked as he rushed out of the room catching the attention of both Chan and Minho who most likely just arrived.

"There's a store Innie, 7 eleven and cafe." Taehyun said with a sniffle. Nodding Jeongin took a breath and he made his way to the door. "TaeTae go into the store and find a grown up, okay? Tell them what happened and give the phone to them okay baby?" Jeongin said as he quickly slipped on his shoes.

"Okay." Taehyun whimpered.

Jeongin could hear the little boy walking before the sound of a door opening.

"Jeongin what's wrong?" Minho asked as he rushed over looking concerned. "Taehyun, it's Taehyun we need to go now." He said grabbing the keys and pulling Minho out the door the Alpha confused but going along none the less. Jeongin could hear Taehyun sat something before the phone was transferred to a lady. "Hello?"

"Yes, m-my son Taehyun—" Jeongin started frantically as he got into the car, Minho already starting it.

"He's here." The woman assured earning a small sniffle from Jeongin who hadn't even noticed he started crying. "He explained everything to me, the police are on their way." She assured gently, a sob leaving Jeongin as he thanked her.

The drive wasn't far only 20 minutes away. Minho called Hyunjin, informing the Alpha on everything and making sure he had the address as well.

Arriving at the store the police were already there, asking the lady some questions while Taehyun sat in an ambulance with a blanket around him. The moment Jeongin stepped out of the car Taehyun was bounding over to the Omega, tears falling down the little Alpha's face as he reached out for Jeongin.

"Innie, I'm sorry. T-Tae is sorry." He cried grasping onto Jeongin as the other embraced him into a hug.

"No baby, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Jeongin said as he held onto the small boy. Minho talked with the police explaining the situation and notifying them of Daesung.

It hadn't taken long for Hyunjin to show up. The sleek black car pulling up before the Alpha was getting out and rushing over to Jeongin and Taehyun. "Thank God your okay." He said as he wrapped the two in a hug, tears welled in his eyes.

"Appa." Taehyun whimpered as he reached for Hyunjin who bit his lip to keep from crying.

"Excuse me, are you the guardians?" One of the officers asked as they looked at the two. "Yes we are." Hyunjin said as he turned to the man who nodded. "We've been able to identify where Daesung lives, but we can't currently find him." He informed earning a small nod from Hyunjin.

"We have officers on the look out, we'll call you if we find anything." The man assured earning a small nod from Hyunjin.

"Minho we're gonna leave." Hyunjin said as he looked over at the male who nodded.

"Come on love." He said as he took Jeongin's hand gentle leading the Omega to the car while he carried Taehyun. He let Jeongin get in first before getting Taehyun in as well. The entire car ride back was silent, Taehyun sound asleep by the time they arrived home.

"I'm sorry." He apologized as Hyunjin got Taehyun out of the car, the Alpha frowing as he looked over at him. "Jeongin this isn't your fault love, don't blame yourself." Hyunjin said as he closed the door, walking over to the Omega he pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead.

"Both you and Taehyun are home and safe, that's all that matters."

Nodding Jeongin followed the other into the house, his scent was distressed tears in his eyes.

He couldn't stop blaming himself, thinking what happened was all his fault. "Love, how about you go upstairs and make a nest. Me and Tae will join you when your ready." Hyunjin said as he smiled at Jeongin who nodded. He hoped that the Omega would calm down if he made a nest.

Laying Taehyun on the couch Hyunjin watched as Jeongin headed upstairs sighing softly.

The Omega lightened up a bit as he pushed open the to their bedroom, Hyunjins scent calming him. Stepping inside he grabbed a hoodie from the closet, Hyunjins grey one that he loved. Smiling he placed it on the bed before grabbing extra blankets and pillows to start his nest.

Tucking in pillows he glanced over catching something with his eyes making his head snap toward the otherside of the room only to see nothing. Frowning he turned back reaching over to grab another blanket before he was harshly pressed into the bed, a yelp leaving him as a hand gripped the back of his neck.

"Miss me baby?" A voice snickered a wave of terror washing over Jeongin who began to panic.


"I can finally make you fine." He chuckled as he gripped the hem of the boys pants starting to pull at them. Jeongin screamed as he kicked and thrashed trying to get the Alpha off of him. "Let Go!" He screamed in fear as he managed to throw his elbow back and hit the Alpha who stumbled back on the bed cursing.

Panting Jeongin rushed to get off the bed only to be pulled back by Daesung, who's eyes were red with fury.

"You Fucking Bitch!" He yelled as he slammed Jeongin into the headboard, a gasp left the smaller male, still trying to kick at him.

Daesung grabbed his arms holding them tightly as Jeongin struggled. Just before the Alpha could get the Omega back down on the bed Jeongin kicked his stomach; a cry left the Alpha as he tumbled off the bed Jeongin following in suit.

His wrist tucked underneath him a loud snap sounding before he was crying out him pain.

The sound of the door slamming open filled Jeongin's ears making his eyes look toward the entrance. The scent of a raged Alpha filled the room making him whimper.

He could hear Hyunjin cursing and shouting and the sound of Daesungs voice filled with fear before the sound of Chan's entered the room.

"Jeongin!" Hyunjin shouted voice filled with worry as he rushed over to the Omega who cried out in pain when he adjusted his position. "Shit, I'm sorry." Hyunjin said, hands shaking as he cupped Jeongins cheeks. Jeongin watched as a look of horror coated Hyunjins face and only then did he feel the wet warmth on the side of his head.

"An Ambulance, I Need An Ambulance." Hyunjin shouted tears starting to fall down his cheeks. Jeongin could feel his eyes grow heavy the Omega softly breathing as he reached up his with his other hand and gentle caressed Hyunjins cheek; the Alpha looked down at him in panic.

"Hyunjin, I love you."

/I felt bad writing this, but I assure you it gets better guys.

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