-Fred's Event- Chapter Twenty

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At the evening
(Leo's Mansion)

(Alice's room)
*Hmm.. what should I wear this night? Alice POV*

*knock knock*

Alice can you let me in for a second? Leo said

Am ok Leo Alice said

Am by the way i give it to you this gown I know you will like it Leo said

Am really this is for me Alice said

Yeah Alice that my gift for you Leo said

Am ok I gonna wear it Alice said

And I gonna wait for you in the living room and the car almost ready right now Leo said

Ok ok Alice said

After Alice wear the fabulous gown

(At the living room)

Am...Leo what do you think? I'm kinda beautiful about this gown you give it to me? Alice said

Oh wow your so beautiful my lady and of course your so pretty you wear that gown I give Leo said

So are you ready to go in Fred's event? Leo said

Am not really hehehe Alice said

(9 minutes at there ride go to Fred's event)

So we're here right now and obviously I'm not sure if this is good if we came inside there Leo said

Yeah I think so but theirs a lot of people he invite Alice said

Alice and Leo came out in the car and get inside the Palms Casino Resort

Oh Alice Tong Nice to meet you again And how many years we didn't meet and this is your husband? Ren Fred Said

Yeah nice to see you too and correction his not my husband his my boyfriend Alice said

Oh I'm so sorry I didn't mean will... why you didn't tell your parents I'm also wanted invite here Ren Fred said

Well... your assistant only said me that I'm only the one will attend but she never said that my parents also invited Alice said

I'm so sorry Alice I didn't mean to but have a sit there with your boyfriend and there's a lot of sit you have choices where are you guys to sit Ren Fred Said

Am ok and thank you Mr.Fred Alice said

Hmm.. seem suspicious with him and also I'm not sure if his a good guy Leo said

Sigh but don't say that maybe someone will hear about what are you saying and of course we pretend that we fined with him Alice said

Ok sure but you also stuck with me don't even tries to runaway at my side ok Leo said

Am ok I never runaway for you Alice said

(3 minutes starting the event)

Welcome everyone and thank you for attending this event and also I'm happy to see you again guys Ren Fred said

Lot of people claps of him

Am.. well I will represent my beloved daughter and his fiancé Ren Fred said

And welcome them My beloved daughter Lila Rose Fred and his fiancé Mark Arkin Ren Fred said

Well we only attend for there marriage with his daughter Alice said

Yeah Leo said

Well my daughter and his fiancé there wedding will be celebrate at September 23, 2034 and I really wanted all of you to attend there wedding Ren Fred Said

Hmm I think I never attend that date cause I'm really busy in the company Leo said

But Leo were really need to attend and if you never attend who well attend with me I don't know if I'm lost or maybe you will be worried at me Alice said

But let's see but I'm not sure If I'm really busy Leo said

(2 hours and 25 minutes finish the event)

Well thank you Alice and also you sir for attending this event Ren Fred said

Yeah your welcome and me and my boyfriend we need to go back home right now Alice said

Am ok and take care two of your for your ride Ren Fred said

*Hmm I can't believe Alice tong have a boyfriend right and also his boyfriend is kinda richest man he choice hmm Ren Fred POV*

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