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Taehyung's P.O.V
When I looked up, I saw all the guys there and then Jimin came walking up to me and asked;

"Why did sh-"

"It doesn't matter"

I sighed and Hoseok chimed in and said;

"If it doesn't matter to you then why don't you just tell us?"

When I remained silent, the others sighed and Jungkook impatiently said;

"Look, just tell us.. did you fire her or did s-"

"She quit and left on her own. Look it's no big deal, I'll just hire another Secretary-"

"Why? So you can put yourself and Taeyun through even more pain?!"

At his outburst, I stood up and glanced at him and the others but before I could even say anything back, Taeyung came running out of his room screaming and crying;



He cries and I immediately push through the guys and scoop him up in my arms tightly as he cries;

"I-I'm scared.."

He whimpered and I gently padded his back as I sat us down on the couch;

"Why baby? What's wrong?"

I asked frantically and after he had calmed down, he whispered;

"T-The thunder.. it's scary..."


I asked dumbfounded and he quickly nods as he hears another loud boom.

"Wait, how long has it been raining?!"

"It just started raining at 11:00.. why?"

Hoseok said worriedly as he had noticed the detresssed look on my face,

"W-What's going on Appa?"

Taeyung asked as he also noticed the look on my face but I tried smiling for him as I said;

"It's nothing baby bear, everything's fine-"

"Where's Miss Yn?"

I froze at his question and I immediately bowed my head down as I avoided eye contact with not only him but with everyone else in the room.. and that's when I felt death glares thrown at me from everyone as Namjoon calmly asked;

"Taehyung.. where is Yn?"

I carefully placed Taeyung on the floor and nervously bit my lip as I quietly said;

"S-She was with me earlier-"

"Taehyung! Where is she?!"

Seokjin asked and I looked at all of them as I started explaining;

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