Chapter 12: Gold Eyes on the Ground

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Pointy witch hats were SO unnecessary. 

Alana lost count how many times that black thing got knocked off from her head.

You can't run in a pointy hat. 

You can't jump in a pointy hat.

You can't hide in a pointy hat.


"Why do witches even have this thing?" Alana grumbled, tugging the hat down over her auburn locks. Don't you DARE fall off, you hat, she mentally yelled at it. 

"It's tradition," Camillia said matter-of-factly. "Witches and wizards of all ages wear them."

"Sounds fun," Alana said drily.

Camillia laughed.


Alana turned around to see a girl with brown hair run up to them.  She was waving.

"Kiara!" Camillia exclaimed.

The two girls embraced each other.

"You got in!" Kiara exclaimed. "I knew it! I told you so!"

Camillia laughed, then turned to Alana.

"Alana," she said, smiling. "This is Kiara Nightgem. She's my childhood friend, from all the way back to nursery school." 

Alana waved. Camillia already has a friend, she thought. I can already see where this is going

"Hi!" Kiara said enthusiastically, cutting in through Alana's thoughts. "You just moved to the school right?  Wow your eyes are so cool! What Sphere do you think you're gonna be? What familiar—"

"Calm down," Alana said, smiling — the girl's bubbliness already affecting her. "I just moved here from... the outside world? Is that what you guys call it? I don't—"

Kiara's eyes widened. "The normie world?" She said, shaking her head. "Wow. That's just... wow."

Camillia nodded. "Way cool, right?" She agreed. "Like, I mean, what do you even use to grow your plants when you don't have magic? Or—"

"Or fly around?" Kiara interrupted. "Or make books? Or make—" 

"We use fertilizers and seeds to grow plants," Alana explained. "And we have airplanes. And we use paper to make books."

"Woah," Kiara breathed. 

"Yeah," Camillia grinned.

"So... you've been here awhile right?" Alana asked Kiara, trying to change the subject before she sounded normie-nerdy, if that was a thing. "And... how are you out here when you have class?"

"Oh!" Kiara exclaimed. "I totally forgot!" She flashed a yellow tag she was wearing. "I got a hall pass, and I'm meant  to be at the washroom right now." She smiled guiltily, "I'll tell you more later, but I got to get back to coven class — Mistress Flameheart is like soooo strict."

"Can we come?" Camillia asked, blue eyes glinting. "Eldress Narani said we could join any coven class we want."

Kiara's face lit up, "Sure! We're learning how to aim our fire today."

"You're Fyresphere?" Alana asked.

"Yup," Kiara nodded. "Wanna come?"

Watching the Fyresphere class would be cool, Alana thought. But I don't want to be the third wheel...

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