-Chapter Twenty one-

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(At Leo's mansion)
Am... I think Alice your the one will first to go to sleep cause mom was calling me Leo said

Am ok and good night Leo Love you Alice said

Good night and love you too Alice Leo said

*Sigh let me accept this call Leo POV*

Am hello mom and good eve well... why did you call me this night time Leo said

Well son am... me and your dad will go there tomorrow at 7:30 am cause we wanted to visit two of you Anna Heiro said

Wait you and dad will come here tomorrow am ok and by the way mo. I have a good news Leo said

Am what good news son? Anna Heiro Said

Well... me and Alice are already in relationship she's my girlfriend right now hehehe Leo said

Wait really son oh my gosh I'm so proud and I'm surprise Anna Heiro said

Hehehe thanks mom well.. I think I gonna go to sleep I'm kinda sleepy right now mom Leo said

Ok Son take care always and good night and I love you son me and your dad we also miss you already Anna Heiro said

(After their calling)

*Tomorrow I think I gonna be ready and what if I gonna tell this to Alice that my parents will come here tomorrow Leo POV*

(At Alice room)

*Knock knock*

Alice are you already sleep? Leo said

Am I'm not sleeping right but why Leo? Alice said

Am well... my parents will come here tomorrow Leo said

Oh your parents will come here and Also I'm really happy to see them again and I'm really excited to see them also hehehe Alice said

Well I think your kinda tired and let me kiss your forehead and I love you and good night love Leo said

Hehehe good night too love you hehehe Alice said

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