Chapter 53- the accusation

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Ember slowly looked at the front of the class as Snape walked out to greet the Minister of Magic in the hall. She was beyond in shock. Harry Potter dead? Harry Potter murdered?? The entire group being suspected for his murder??? It was all making zero sense.

The room was completely silent other than Hermione who couldn't stop crying. Everyone was in shock, they all weren't expecting any of this. It was completely out of the blue. They just sat there waiting and thinking. They had thought he was just missing, that maybe he had just been in some crooked hiding place in the castle where they had forgotten to look, not dead.

The minister walked in the room looking more calm than anything else. His footsteps clicked and clicked as he strolled to the front of the classroom. Most of the students were scared honestly, they were being accused of murder. But the others were pissed because they were being accused of murder.

The minister sighed. "I wasn't expected to be awoken so early in the morning to hear that a large group of students murdered Harry Potter"

"And we weren't expecting to be accused of killing anyone today, but you know anything can happen apparently", said Lee.

The minister raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you denying that you killed Mr. Potter?"

Lee scoffed. "You know I'd consider myself to be a bit crazy, but I'm no killer Minister"

The minister nodded slowly. "Does anyone have anything else to say?"


"So be it. I'll give you all a few minutes to try and think of excuses then", he said walking out of the room leaving them all alone.

Ember turned to look at Ginny. "Gin . . ."

Ginny held back her tears. "Em, I know what you must be thinking right now, but I didn't do it. I didn't do anything!"

Ember embraced her friend. "I know. I never thought you did", she looked at her straight in the eyes, "but what did happen?"

Ginny took a deep breath. "My group and I were outside near the gardens when Dean and Ron came running to us saying that they'd found something in the boys bathroom. So they led the way and we ran straight there and . . . and there was tons of blood smeared on the walls and in the sink. It did look like a murder scene out of a horror film Em. And I accidentally slipped on some blood and water on the floor and rubbed my hands on the wall. It was a stupid accident, I swear. That's when Snape found us and brought us here"

"How did he know there were other groups?", she asked.

Ginny shrugged. "He just knew. He knew that some of our normal group members were missing like you, George, Hermione, Lee, and Fred. So he sent Filch to gather you all up"

"He almost couldn't find us", said Goyle.

Blaise stood up. "But they found all of us. Now what? We're all going to go to Azkaban?!"

"No way!", Pansy stood up disgusted, "Pervs are in Azkaban"

"Fuck that shit!", shouted Apollo.

Blaise nodded. "Exactly. So, whoever did it needs to fess up and spill the fucking truth"

Draco shook his head and got to his feet. "That's the thing though. When Weasley and Thomas got our group and went to the bloodied up bathroom, there was no body. There's no evidence that Potter is actually dead"

"So he might still be alive??!?", questioned Cho.

Sophia rolled her eyes. "Obviously. Keep up. I thought Ravenclaw's were suppose to be smart"

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