Review of "A'dab's Gift", by Talia Haven

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A’dab lives in the world of the magical, just a thin curtain away from the realm of humans. Her father is a creator of animals, which he gives to the god of caravans at every festive occasion.

At one such event, he offers the gift of two camels. The god is pleased, and sends the new creatures to his menagerie. This is a gesture that doesn’t sit well with A’dab. She decides to do something about it in order to better the lives of the mortals she so loves, thus putting her own existence in peril.

This is a well-told story, in the tradition of Kipling and Aesop. There is an action, and a reaction, written in a way that explains a myth in a very creative and compelling way. It is a “short but sweet” narrative, and well worth reading.

Nicely done!

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