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"Mommy where's my mate?" a little girl asked as she dragged a little green barstool next to the kitchen counter, she hops on it and stands on her tippy toes watching her mother cut up some carrots.

"I don't know Hannah," her mom answered without looking up from slicing up the carrots.

"New York?"
"Could be,"

Hannah sighed dramatically and threw her small hands into the air. " I won't evea find him!" Her toes were starting to hurt so she dropped to the balls of her feet.
Her mom chuckled slightly "that's not true, you'll meet him one day," She looked up at her mom, uncertainty in her eyes. The world is huge, how can she find him? "No matter where you are or who you are, fate will always find you both,"

When she still wasn't buying it. Her mom put the knife down and looked her daughter in the eyes. She singled her to get closer. "I'm going to tell you a secrete," Hannah smiled, excitement bubbling through her. "Fate knows your story, she has a plan for the both of you,"

        Hannah had herd many times of this Fate girl and she wasn't so sure of her. Can she really bring two people from half way across  the world together?

"but what if he doesn't like me?" her smile turned into a frown and her eyes drifted to her bare feet.

The mother stepped away from the counter and kneels at eye level with her daughter. She slightly touched Hannah's chin, bringing her chocolate brown eyes to meet her aquatic blue eyes.

"He will love you as much as you love him. The moon goddess made it so"

    However Hanna does know about the moon goddesses, and where're she's involved it's always true.

"hey! what are you girls talking about over there?"

Hannah quickly turned her head towards the doorway where a tall man with chestnut hair just like Hannahs was about to enter the kitchen. "Its girl talk, you can't come in!" She shouted.

Hannah zoomed to the door determined to get there before him. But  her dad was already passed the doorway.

"How's my favorite cub doing?" he picked up Hannah and gave her a big kiss on the cheek, she felt his stubble tickle her cheek and was desperate to squirm away.

Hannah's father originally was a Alpha to a different pack further north. But as soon as he met his mate, he packed his things and left the title to his brother. Hannahs mother was also preparing to become an Alpha of her own pack. He left his own pack to go and help lead hers.

Hannah always said her dad was the bravest, because she could never ever dream of leaving her friends and parents behind.

"I'm not a cub anymooe i'm a wolve!" Hannah shrieked and tried to pry away from her fathers hold.

She bursted out into laughter when he began tickling her. Her mother watched and then fake coughed " eh hem," her finger nails tapping away on the counter.
He finally let Hannah go and she took off, running as fast as her little legs can go. She ducked under the kitchen table, using the wooden chairs as barriers. She giggled with excitement when her fathers heavy foot steps could be herd. You can't find me! She wanted to scream, she's the best hide and seeker player in the pack.

After a minute or two Hannah realized her dad wasn't coming after her, or even looking for her. Crestfallen she got out from under the table, fixed the chairs and marched towards the kitchen. When she arrived her parents were deep in conversation, there were no smiles or laughter, not even kissing. Just her mother clutching her pink apron until her knuckles were white. Her father was frowning and his eyebrows were deep in concern.
"It's getting worse and-" he urgently was telling his wife when he noticed Hannah and stopped.
"What's up sweat pea," he instantly forced a smile. The serious man from before gone and replaced by her happily smiling dad.

"I have a question"

"What is it," her mother soothed the wrinkles she caused on her apron.

"If i can't find him. Do i have to take the pack all by myself?"
"No sweat pea, he'll help," her mother smiled at her.

"But what if he doesn't want to help me?" Hannah had played sandcastle with Robbie and he was always mean and never wanted to help her pull the sand bucket. She didn't want someone like Robbie.

Hannahs mother chuckled "your just full of questions today aren't you?"

"Is that good or bad?" Hannah asked, bouncing on her tippy toes.

"He will cub, he has too. If not I'll break his legs" her dad added with a wink.


"I'm playing around mira"

"But what if-" Hannah didn't get to finish as she was cut off by her dad who picked her up. Her mom was flipped upside down and so was there house as she was being carried up staires to her room.

"Enough of the what ifs kiddo, the moon goddess knew who she was parring cub," he told Hannah as he opened the door to her room.

He threw her on her princess bed, to which Hannah just rolled to avoid smashing the crayons and pieces of paper she had left on her bed earlier that day.

"Now Wash up and come back down for dinner. None of that mate stuff when you come back down, your only 6 and i would like to keep you and the topic of a mate in the very distant distant future" he strictly told Hannah before ruffling her long hair and walking out.

After dinner that night little Hannah could only dream of her mate and ask the moon goddess questions. Hannah knew she was listening but she she tried to find the answers in the way the wind shook the trees.

What color are his eyes?

Does he have brothers or sisters? Or both

What's his name?

Young Hannah wondered the same questions rolling in her mind everynight.

She was a princess waiting for her prince. But sometimes princess get tired of waiting.

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