Chapter 17

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Yulia's POV:

“Ce……Cecil! I’ll call you separately!” 

I was held by Chester’s hand and was forced to move away from Cecil.

It wasn’t until the third floor that Chester let go of my wrist.

“Yulia. Wasn’t today the day you were supposed to go out with me?”

“That, that, that’s, right?”

“But why don’t you focus on me and keep your eyes off other people?”

“…Cecil is my friend …… and Chester is looking for her.”

“I’ll decide whether or not she’s the one I’m looking for.”

I looked sideways, but there was not a single person on the third floor. Originally, this place should be full of customers, but it wasn’t, which made me feel strange.

He stroked my cheek and said.

“I rented a floor because I didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone.”

“…… I wish there were people here.”

I thought something would happen when I was alone with you.

“I’ll be more careful next time.”


Do you know how terrifying it is to be alone with the villain?



“Isn’t Cecil…… the person you’re looking for……?”

It should have been Cecil.

I read that the reason why he was so obsessed with Cecil, the heroine in the original work, was because she was the person who had visited him a long time ago.

“Yulia, even if the person I’m looking for is her, I’ll marry you, so you don’t have to be anxious.”


“Didn’t I tell you? I’m a person full of responsibility.”

“……I’m not responsible.”

I had to get rid of the responsibility I had. There was nothing I couldn’t do if I could avoid marrying him. 

Seeing that my father couldn’t respond strongly, he seemed to be an influential person.

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